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September 16, 2011
By MorenSore SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
MorenSore SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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The Military Deployment Tank shook as an explosion nearby blasted its plating. A flash of red painted the walls in crimson light. There were no sounds in the metal plated interior. Two benches lined either side. On the far side Cameron, Tobias, and Luke, each dressed in standard black and silver armor. We had been told that the enemy had a new kind of weapon made of silver. But we got no further information about it. So lt. Teancum had made them study up. Its in family 11, Atomic number 47, kills bacteria, mixed with oxygen it tarnishes etc… But who knew they could just be using a new field medicine. But I’d rather know for no reason then die because I didn’t. We had been instructed to pick up these weapons as we go along so we could bring them back for reverse engineering.

The Radio popped and Tobias’s voice came “ Deployment in thirty seconds” he said I don’t really know why he says that every time since there is a big electronic board above the door that counts down. “ 3, 2, 1, Go!” he yelled. We burst out the back door of the tank and were instantly under a rain of fire. It was wintertime in the mountains with the ever greens sprouting up around the snow and logs. However the tide of battle had reduced a large portion of these ever greens to ashes and turned the snow around them to damp patches of dirt. Our Black and Silver armor didn’t help us camouflage with the snow, but then again the enemy was wearing white and RED armor, which was almost as bad. Another explosion toppled a tree 2 yards in front of me and I dived behind it for cover. I popped in a full clip and laid out a few dozen rounds on the seemingly glowing red and white figures.

I heard something bounce off the tree trunk and land in the dirt next to me. I had just enough time to dive away before the hand grenade obliterated my cover and a few surrounding bushes. Two rounds punched the ground next to me and won clipped my shoulder but nothing punctured the hard shell of the armor. I sprinted to the nearest piece of cover (an over turned tank) and slid behind it. Then a large Figure in Silver Armor came up through the crowd of the enemies. It hoisted a large gun over its shoulder and smashed every thing it stepped on. “ I think this is the new weapon they were talking about” Tobias said over the radio. There was a large number of compliances over the radio.

Just then the silver armored figure lowered the gun to its hip and fired a large round shoved itself into the chest of one of the soldiers. He froze were he stood; instant tarnish covered his armor making mobility impossible. The figure quickly reduced our numbers, people were ordering retreats those who had been hit stood by to be killed with no other option. Others were trying to be maneuvered by there partners into the backs of tanks to be taken back to camp. There was little to stop the enemy from advancing, picking off the enemy 1 by one as they fell subject to the silver cannon. The tank finally Came my Way and I hopped in the back throwing a few grenades as I went. I sat on the bench and looked a t the familiar faces of my team who had already taken off there helmets. Nobody had been killed no body had been injured but the fact still remained that we had lost. The losses around them were enough to keep them quite on the long trip back to camp. When we arrived we quickly packed up our things and boarded the ship to move off planet. Maybe one day they would return to conquer this world. But for Now they were going home to his family.

The author's comments:
this was actually a school assignment for chemistry, but it was pretty good. and If you are going to comment please don't mention the grammar i know its bad.

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