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In The Eyes of a Wolf

August 22, 2011
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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With a sigh of relief a small dusky,gray wolf crawled out of his hiding spot.His blue eyes relaxed and calm.He glanced around one last time before he held his head up high and walked through the forest.

His ears pricked at the sound of footsteps."Who's there?"he demanded.The undergrowth shivered as a scrawny silver colored female wolf appeared."Shine!What are you doing here?!"he muttered in shock.

"I came to take you back to the Winter Pack."she explained."You are an Omega,we need you Slice."His eyes turned cold.Slice had remembered the over fed pack of wolves."They don't need me.They have the other Omegas.I m going to start my own pack."Slice objected.Before she could reply he turned and stalked down the side of the mountain."Wait!"Shine called.

He ignored her and just paced on,leaving her standing,staring in sadness as the one male she actually cared about left her."Why?"she whimpered quietly."Why did you take him away from me Great Spirit of the Pack?"

The author's comments:
This is a piece that was inspired by Erin Hunter.They write about warrior cats that live and fight to defend their territories.But there are relationships that get ruined because some leave or die in battle.So because wolves are m favorite animal I made my own story.

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