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The She-Beast Appears

August 13, 2011
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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The fabric of the dimensional walls rippled through the air just below the tavern, within the dungeons; the home of a monstrous thing. Melting and dripping away it revealed nothing but a chilling inhuman darkness far beyond the imagination. Sickly things slithered and crawled about within, just out of sight as the walls wavered between the dimensions. A strange blackish clear liquid oozed out of this portal into the dimension of humans. Just as suddenly as it appeared, it suddenly disappeared. This strange substance drifted into the ground, disappearing from sight yet that chilling feeling that something else here stayed.| Out amongst the ocean a ship could be seen, coming to port yet faster than perhaps necessary or needed. The closer the ship approached the clearer it became that something couldn't be quite right. Black smoke bubbled into the air, expanding and disappearing into the atmosphere as the massive thing moved ever closer. Once within sight the sails could be seen, nothing but torn shreds of bloody rags. The mast itself swaying to and fro as it at any second it may snap. As it were, just when it appeared the ship would crash into the docks the mast could hold itself no more and snapped, falling down into the water tilting the ship as it went. Wood groaned with intense protests with the sudden slowing speed. The waves rolled this ship to rocks where it crashed and held for a few seconds before filling with water and finally sinking in the shallows. Crimson stained waves washed over the wood and went ashore, staining the sand a rusty colour of sorts while within the depths of the sunken ship something rattled in chains. Chains and wood alike moaned with undying shrieks of protest as the side of the ship unexpectedly appeared to explode yet it had in fact been ripped apart and the wood thrown out into the shallows. Toxins hissed out to the ocean air as a bodeful presence pulled itself forth from the ghastly depths of the ship. Ominous eyes of neon orange pierced through the air while glaring about. The nasty attitude of such a thing telling others to stay out of sight without it even being in sight. The aura coming off this thing alone held hostility crackling with untold hatred and insanity that violently suffocated out the air. As sunlight did its best to caress over the body of this portentous thing it only worsened its appearance. From nose tip to tail tip the thing held dinosauric features topped off with odd and deadly colours. Upon its head stood three pairs of horns, the first beginning at the very top and roughly wiggling their way up and curving ever so slightly towards the back ending at the length of the mid section. The second pair slithered their way out just below the first but instead of moving up and back they curved at an angle, ending at the length of this ancient reptile's shoulders while the last pair rippled out from under the second pair, curving with a sharp angle like that of a mountain goats horns or perhaps a wild sheep. All of them ending in wickedly sharp points. Such thick and extremely dense flesh rippled with tension, quivering like a black flame ready to consume all within its grasp. Jumping from the ship to shore long dark purple almost black talons dug through soil, kicking water and sand alike into the air. Stalking towards the town its ears twitched, though they weren't that of any wild thing. The left ear held black and white bands that pierced the sides of the ear with a small black chain hanging from a piercing in the fleshier part while on the right ear only black bands were upon the sides of the ear with a white gage in the fleshier part. Bright yellow runes swirled their way over the face of the beast, moving up the snout yet towards the neck they darkened to crimson, pulsing as they began to splotch into other intricately designed runes were seen. Though the colour seen most of all were those of the orange runes running down the arms and legs of the beast, twisting around the tail and along the chest and stomach. Running down the back of such a hellish thing were long slightly curved spikes, appearing to be covered in a thin layer of bright pink and dark red fur, twisting around to the tips of each. At the end of the tail twitched a few small barbed spikes, glistening a strange and rather dark green-blue colour. The towns people had gaped at the ship and were struck with such horror at the malice of the likes of this nightmarish thing coming into their home. A thing so retched as this may be cursed by the gods and deities of all worlds since even the slightest look put women into faints and men into cold sweats, just on the verge of wetting themselves or running for their lives. Dark pits of nostrils flared at the stench of human fear, saliva dripping from a maw in need of blood. Dark green fangs glistened menacingly as a long dark blue-almost black tongue flicked out to taste the air. Smelling something familiar within the tavern this monstrosity stalked for the building only to bend and crack the door frame on the way in. Yet the only thing to be seen were that of a dark figure amongst the barmaids and a few other citizens. Unfathomable hatred and insanity rocked through the room as it radiated off the flesh of this one while a growl more deep than thunder shook the tavern in a violent way that put mother nature herself to shame.

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