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Guardian And The Prey

August 8, 2011
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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From the distance over the hill a massive beast loomed in shadows, watching the wagons as they passed through the town, gazing with black crimson eyes upon the unsuspecting humans and other various beings within the little trading village. Unbeknownst to them, this monstrosity stood as the predator of predators simply waiting to find the right victim, the prey it wanted to unleash unholy hatred and rather sadistic torment. Dinosauric features coiled the beast as it slunk forth from darkness, a darker thing within the blackness of night. None of the animals caught its eye in particular yet saliva dripped from wicked jaws to sizzle upon warm soil as if their meaty herbivore scents were more delightful than those traveling within the wagons. Nostrils of blackest night flared at the approach of a large wagon pulled by several large oxen. Ragged and torn ears twitched as they slowly began pulling off a dirt road to pass into the town. Within seconds the creature burst forth from the hill, racing down with speed unmatchable by any natural thing. Nothing but a black blur to the eye this abomination of a creature slammed into the side of the wagon, sending it shuddering and snapping the frame along with the front wheel. The tired brutes bayed with fear and distress at the sudden assault, rushing forward in an attempt to escape. Turning on them Guardian burst forward with a lunge to land atop the rear two digging talons deep into rig cages, snapping bone and rendering flesh loose as blood splattering the ground; the screams of the animals echoing throughout the village. Gleaming fangs of a black hole ripped easily through skin and fur to snap bone and tear away large chunks of meat. Taking a hearty bite from each bull he made quick business of the other two by snapping the neck of one and biting the spine of the other clean in half. Leaving the main dishes to bleed out a bit this massive horror turned upon the driver and other travelers that had been in the wagon. A girl screamed as the massive thing of her nightmares approached her. Muscles rippled underneath thick and extremely dense skin as a thickly muscled tail pounded the ground with pleasure. This ancient reptile burned holes through their souls with his hatred and insanity before lunging at the scraggly man that had driven the brutes. Snapping off the head Guardian left the body to twitch before whipping around and crushing one to the ground, the crunch of bones satisfying under his weight. The last one, the girl nothing more than a young woman, ran in terror screaming towards the ships where men were arming themselves with weapons. Within a blink of an eye she already found the beast upon her feeling his talons dig into her back, grinding her flesh as if it were hamburger to let her bleed out and scream a blood churning cry. Inhaling swiftly Guardian stole her breath, suffocating her before she finally stopped moving. As more men began running towards this abomination he did nothing but swallow the lifeless body in a few bites before turning towards the broken wagon. Several barrels fell out where Guardian left them before he began eating the mutilated bodies of the two-legged beings as appetizers. Once finished with that bloody meal he turned towards the oxen he slaughtered and began eating them without any care for the men now surrounding him and encircling him.

The author's comments:
I now use this horrid thing in RP. His name of course is Guardian, and this is a lovely entrance by him as he watches a town. Does anything look a little strange? Something about what he does, is it odd? If you think you know what it is, please leave a comment.

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