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Fishing Trip

August 15, 2011
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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Out in the depths of the ocean sharks swarmed around the carcass of a whale, biting large chunks from it every now and then as they circled it endlessly. Below them something darker lurked, slowly moving up to the surface. An explosion erupted into sea foam and blood if fish, whale, and shark alike. The animals of the ocean swam in all directions, frightened by such an occurrence before slowly returning to their meal. What felt like several minutes later something began coming out of the water, dragging a large shark behind it. The first thing to appear out of the depths were that of three pairs of horns. The first jutted out the top of the creature's head, moving back at a slight curve and ending at the length of its back. The second pair began just below the first though they weren't as long and held a sharper angle to them, ending just before the shoulders while the third pair were the shortest of them all representing something like a mountain goat's horns more than anything else. Flesh rippled darker than the midnight sky and gleaming from the water that dripped icicles to the ground. Long talons dug into wet sand as the monstrosity pulled the shark out and onto the dirt road. The long muscled tail twitched with impatience, pounding the ground with annoyance at the sight of strays coming to steal a bite to eat. A deep thunderous growl vibrated through the air to ward them off before he turned upon his meal. Ragged ears twitched as glistening fangs shimmered as black thorns upon both upper and lower jaw. A black tongue flicked out dripping with saliva before chunks of shark were being ripped apart. The raw meaty juices filled the air as the shark quickly lost pound after pound until nothing remained. This ungodly thing even devoured the skeletal structure of the shark, jaw teeth and all. Leaving nothing but mere scraps for the strays Guardian moved towards the tavern. Though the door held more than a difficult challenge for such a gargantuan thing, the beast managed to miraculously force his way through the small opening. Standing in the middle of the tavern eyes of black crimson scanned every little thing before stopping upon those at the bar. Pits of darkness being nostrils flared at the stench of something...otherly, not exactly like himself but different nonetheless. The air about him become frigid only to allowing steam to sizzle away from the warm air that pressed against him. Those burning eyes of burning hatred and insanity glared down upon the blind woman. This woman held the strangeness about her. Watching the odd wavering shadows about her being a deep hiss slipped past his jaws as he lowered his head down to the level of where the Wraith's head would be before suddenly flicking his tongue out at it. Snorting with doleful curiosity, his flesh continued to ripple with tension as that undying hatred crackled with excelling insanity, radiating off his flesh to choke the air about him.

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