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Seek That Which Is Forbidden

July 23, 2011
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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A dark silhouette moved through the forest in silence each step taking this cosmic horror closer and closer towards the manor which had been his destination. The freezing aura surrounding this being slithered out about him causing ragged edged black ice to crack its way over the ground, force its way through the bark of trees as the aura slowly sucked the life out of the plants and living things. Flowers and greenery shriveled to nothing but blackened husks of hallowed out death, crumbling to the ground in a small wisp of air. Approaching the doors, a long spider-like arm stretched out and pushed it open with a rather eerie creek before he stepped in and swept those dark eyes around to take in his surroundings. Noticing two beings just ahead he drifted across the floor, slowly revealing himself in the dim light. Raven black hair tumbled down just past the shoulders of this being as muscles rippled under the flesh the colour of a rotting corpse. Despite the thin spider-like frame, it was clear this being held much strength and power in the build of the body. Though ribs were clearly visible, more ribs than any human could ever possibly hold, the muscles over his stomach and arms were harder than rock and remained so without trouble as if they were in a constant state of flexing. Black and red tendrils fell down from this dark one's waist to twitch and slither about the ground, groping around as if seeking something-anything at all to pull it away from such an inauspicious creature. Black frost caked over the ground wherever he walked as he made his way to a seat before them, the small pups upon the ground whimpering and running away at the mere sight of him. Pale thin lips set themselves in a straight line as he then placed himself upon the cushion without uttering a single sound nor greeting. This being appeared to be none other than War, only with a different makeover one might say.

Alani looked up at the creature and her mood quickly shifted to one of puzzlement. She swept her dark hair back from her eyes and examined him boldly, her normally silver-blue eyes stained red. She still had yet to dye her hair after it had faded to black the night before, and with the sudden appearance of this man that appeared to be the charming Mr.War, Alani doubted she would get to it this day. She spoke in her smooth, cultured voice, and offered a charming, though hesitant smile, "You've gone and changed your look, Mr. War."

Glancing at the girl those inky eyes of eternity narrowed ever so slightly before those lips parted and he suddenly spoke. The voice so much more different than that of War's. The tone was much deeper, the seductiveness not sweet in the slightest. All of this tickling through the air in such an unnatural way that would send even the bravest and courageous of beings running for their very lives, tainted with Death's perfectly twisted dream of a beautifully sadistic nightmare, "I am not my brother little morsel.."

Her creamy white skin paled even more, and her eyes widened at the sound of his voice. What WAS this creature?!? How could he claim to be the seductively flattering and edgy Mr. War's brother?!? Looks aside, she could see no similarity now. No... when Mr. War looked at her, Alani felt beautiful, desired, elegant and womanly... this stranger made her feel like a small rabbit staring up into the sharp deadly maw of a starving wolf. Every instinct shouted at her to flee, to NOT be alone with this man, but stubbornness and pride were heavily imprinted on her young mind. Her smile wavered and she scooted back against the lush cushions of the sofa, but to her credit, remained in place, "Forgive me, Sir. At first glance you look very much like our friend."

Seeing the pale of her skin, the faltering of that sweet little smile and how she pushed herself back into the cushion of her seat made the amusement in those eyes all the more noticable. Raising a brow ever so slightly he leaned forward a bit as the corners of his lips twitched their way into a twisted smile of the predator that hunts predators, "No need to apologize..Alani, is it?" Her name rolled off his tongue in such a way as if secretly he were declaring her name now on a list of those who were to die. "We are mistaken often; however, once I am seen I am never mistaken for him." Long bony fingers flexed slightly as he watched her, those ancient eyes boring into her as if seeing through her down to her core, her very soul and essence; then looking beyond that and through her.

Alani squirmed in her seat, sothing she never did. Fidget? Sometimes, but squirm or display fear in anyway? Never. She swallowed and licked her suddenly dry lips before smiling again, "Yes, my name is Alani." She wished he would stop looking at her like that, and if he never said her name again; that would be just fine with her.

The author's comments:
Just a little taste of developing characters with practice stories. What do you think of them? Should I give up or keep going with these two?

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