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Inauspicious Dealings

June 29, 2011
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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Leading those who have followed a greater leader without knowing what it is you are doing is the same as wielding a sword against a master of weapons. -Kreepy

A dark silhouette moved through the blizzardous storm as if it were nothing more than a clear day. Black ice took after his every step as the aura surrounding him expanding outwards in a good ten foot radius around him. The moisture within this span collected itself into black crystallized flakes of snow, falling to the ground where it melted yet what touched his flesh clung to him as if the fields of paper white were warmer than the grey plains of his skin. Nearing a tavern this dark being past under the green pines causing their needles to wither into blackened and rotting death. Approaching the door a long arm stretched out to push it open causing a gust of chilling air to blast through in a windy storm in the time it took this being to step through the threshold and close the door behind him. Once in the light his features were clearly seen. Raven black hair fell down a powerful frame and flowing down a muscled back in a tangled mess. A few strands fell over brooding eyes of darkness. Flesh rippled the colour of a rotting corpse yet it shimmered from the black crystal flakes that clung to his skin without melting. Black and red tendrils fell from a thin waist to twist and writher upon the floor, groping about as if seeking out any purchase at all yet finding none. His body held a very spider-like appearance with very long arms and legs, very thin and almost breakable with one simply glanced. But upon close examination it was clear this being held more strength and power than one would want to deal with. Even the blind would feel it in the air from this aura that twisted and slowly expanded without mercy. It slammed against the heated room with crackles and sizzles in the air, the temperature within the aura dropping dramatically to frigid degrees so much that it caused the floor around him to crack and splinter. Pale thin lips twitched at the corners as if he wanted to smile as those ominous eyes took a quick look about the room only to stop upon the form of Sage. Bony fingers twitched ever so slightly as he watched her, making no move for the moment and simply watched.

The author's comments:
Another entrance example for my lovely Kreepy.

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