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Planet Primrose

June 18, 2011
By ZoeK. GOLD, Mechanicsville, Maryland
ZoeK. GOLD, Mechanicsville, Maryland
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My name is Jadelynn Hyacinth Bluebell and I’m in trouble. I’ve done something bad, very bad. I stole from Tiger Lily. She’s kind of the leader in our little Area D47. I know I shouldn’t have done it but it was so beautiful! With its chains so silver you feel as if you are in heaven when you see it! The rainbow circle-shaped gems surrounding a pure white diamond; it fits anyone as if it were custom made for them by the highest, most expensive, genius jeweler.

I know I shouldn’t have taken it! My mother raised me better. What would Juniper think? She’s only 11, what a great example I’m setting, only 14 and already a fugitive! I should’ve known her cameras would see me. Tiger Lily has them everywhere! I haven’t seen an enforcer in an hour but I know I can’t stop now. Only 3 more miles till I’m home to my family’s cabin, deep in the Forest of Lavender. Oh, what am I going to tell mother? How am I supposed to tell Juniper I can’t go with her to the city as I do every Sunday?

To make it worse, this Sunday is her birthday and I was supposed to buy her an animal, just as I do every time her birthday falls on a Sunday. It’s only happened twice since she was born. This Sunday will be the third. The first year I bought her a yellow duck, since she was little, she named it Blue. Its name was Blue Oakley Bluebell. What a wonderful name, right? Well, the second time I got her a pearl white bunny which she named Pearl Ivory Bluebell.
This year since she’s turning 12 I’m going to buy her a purple dog. Not many animals have mutated to rainbow colors since the accident. People have changed hair colors, eye colors and some even have pinkish, bluish, or greenish tints to their skin. Those people are usually treated poorly though.

About 1,500 ago, an accident happened. People were building this huge power plant to power the whole world. It took up all of what used to be South Dakota. It worked for about 800 years! It gave thousands maybe even millions of people jobs. The factory even had homes and schools. The only weird thing is, once you began working there, you couldn’t leave or have contact with anyone outside the factory. Most people in the factory became related after many generations. They became known as Factory People. Not really a creative name but now it’s probably the worst thing you can call someone. Most people who now have odd color skin are descendants from the Factory People or people who lived around South Dakota. The Factory People were always skilled and intelligent. It was a big shock when the accident happened.

No one is sure what exactly caused it. Or at least no one will fess up and tell us. All we know is an explosion caused a fire and within a few days the whole factory was burnt to a crisp. There was no way to stop it. They tried to evacuate everyone but the people living near where the fire started, well, it was too late for them. The people who did survive have a hard life because all they’ve ever known is the factory. Most were put into ghettos or found people who sympathized for them.

Oh, how I love our cabin. It’s so beautiful. We made it from the rare black oak found around our forest. As far as my family knows, no one else lives in the Forest of Lavender. I love laying in the clearing about half a mile from the back of our cabin. I love watching the clouds, purple and so high. We can travel to other planets but I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford a ticket. I know as soon as I walk in Juniper will flood me with questions.
“Hello, I’m home.” silence. “Where is everyone?” I said with worry
“Back here!” I hear with relief. It’s my mom in the back of the house. As I walk back I’m engulfed in the scent of cinnamon.
“Hey mom!” I said as soon as I saw my mom
“What took you so long to get home?”
“I decided I didn’t wanna take the trail. Thought I’d walk through the old Willow patch.”
“That’s nice. Juniper is waiting for you in the clearing.”
“Alrighty, bet she’s excited for Sunday.”
“Just a little.” Said my mom with a wink.

I small talk with my mom for a few more minutes, then go to my room. I almost forgot, I have to hide this necklace! The only problem is there’s no where to hide it! I’ll go hide it in the old hollowed out tree by my window. After I hide the necklace I find Juniper in the clearing under our pavilion, watching the rain. I go and sit with her. It’s what we always do. I count the pink raindrops and she counts the green. It’s hard since there’s so many but it’s relaxing. After 30 minutes of not saying anything, she finally spoke up.
“I know what happened.” She said barely a whisper.
“What do you mean?” I asked. Could she know about the necklace?
“I know you’re in trouble and that the enforcers are after you .What did you take?”

I was speechless. How does she always know when something’s wrong? Should I tell her? I guess I should. She’s my best friend and around here no ones more trust worthy than family.
“I stole Tiger Lily Primm’s necklace.” I said
“We have to leave. Now.” She replied.
“But we can’t! What about mom and dad?”
“She’ll understand but we have to leave.”
“Juni, you’re only 11. I can’t risk your life like that.”
“I’ll be fine. I’ve already packed some of your stuff. I told mom. Come on.”

I finally agreed to go. We have to get to Area C34. They’ll protect us. They aren’t big fans of Tiger Lily. Plus, there I’ll be able to sell the necklace and have enough so my family won’t have to work ever again. We travel day and night. Only knowing what time it is by the green tint of the sky. At 12 p.m. it’s a mint green. At 12 a.m. it’s a forest green. I think it’s been 3 days. We’re at C09. Just when I thought we were in the clear, we hear the distinct rumbling of Tiger Lily’s vehicles. There is absolutely no where to hide. Within seconds we are surrounded by 14 orange Jeeps. Before I know it, Tiger Lily is 2 yards from me staring at me. Nothing could pierce her glare.
“Jade, I’m not mad, or here to hurt you.” Said Tiger Lily, which makes me almost faint. “There’s something I have to tell you…have you ever wondered why you don’t look like your mother or Juniper?”
“Actually, yes…” I managed to say.
“Well I’m your mother. Your father and I were married but leaders can’t get married or have kids. Your mother was my friend and she offered to take care of you so you could lead a normal life. I wanted you to take the necklace. The gems were from the factory. My family was from the factory. We were one of the few people who didn’t get a colored tint in our skin. I’m sorry I never told you before.”

I didn’t know what to say. I stood there and the last thing I remember is Tiger Lily saying something but I couldn’t hear her. I blacked out and woke at home in my bed. Was it a dream? I get up and look in the mirror. The beautiful rainbow crystal heart is around my neck. I touch the cold metal chain around my neck. It’s so light; it feels like nothing is there. I look over on my dresser and there’s a note. It reads, “Enjoy my most prized possession. I’ll never be able to be in your life but keep this necklace as a reminder of you really are. I love you. Love, your true mother”

It wasn’t a dream! I’m really the daughter of the woman who rules all areas in sector D. I’m really a descendant of the Factory People. My mom isn’t my mother. Juniper is only my half sister. Life has to go on though. I’ll act as if nothing happened; I have to act as if nothing happened. For my family’s sake. For my sake.

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