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Disturbing Wake

June 8, 2011
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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A massive creature slept in silence within the dungeon beneath the tavern. Silence filled every nook and cranny, every breath the creature took rising and falling with its shoulders. A long thickly muscled yet slim tail twitched as it dreamed having no care for the events from above only knowing its slumber in blissful icy darkness. As one of the men fell to the floor with a thud, the sound echoed loudly down to the ragged and ripped ears of the sleeping beast. Hearing this noise, its breathing suddenly stopped as if waking. Crimson black eyes then opened and focused as they glared into darkness as jaws opened to release a most disturbing hiss. Rising from its comfortable position in the dark damp and cold, the beast gracefully made its way through the hall towards the staircase. Once there a long dark blue tongue flicked out from between those jaws to taste the air, annoyance flickering in its appearance as a snort then past its form. Moving with ease, the monster moved up the ice covered stairs, long talons digging into the ice to keep from slipping until it reached the top and nudging the door open with an eerie creak, it swept its hate filled gaze around; stopping on that of the man upon the floor. Those glowing crimson black orbs narrowed into slits as the beast stepped out from the shadows, revealing a massive build of dinosauric features from nose tip to tail tip; rippling flesh darker than the midnight sky. A set of glistening black fangs could be seen on both its upper and lower jaw, flashing dangerously in the light. Three pairs of horns were visible as the thing placed itself further into the room. The first set were on the very top of its head, jutting out towards the back and curving ever so slightly, stopping at his shoulder blades. The second pair were a bit shorter and held a sharper angle to them, curving more and ending just before the shoulders. The third pair, below the second were the shortest and held the sharpest angle, representing the horns of a mountain goat more than anything else. The large almost demonic creature flared its nostrils as it continued to glare at the man upon the floor, flesh rippling with tension as unfathomable hatred and insanity radiated off its flesh so thickly it suffocated the air around it.

The author's comments:
Ah yet another lovely entrance from my sweet Guardian Beast

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