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The Indestructible Enforcer

April 11, 2011
By Enforcer BRONZE, North Adams, Massachusetts
Enforcer BRONZE, North Adams, Massachusetts
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The Enforcer stepped out on the devastated surface of the Earth. “Certainly a paradise out here,” he thought to himself. He looked around for any sign of danger. After seeing nothing, he put his ship in cloak-mode so no one would see it, and set off to carry out this assassination. “Come on, pull yourself out of this!”

It was nearing the end of the 39th century. Earth was in its first interplanetary war. Earth was in alliance with planet Zallus and a handful of others who were for a time battling an alien government called the UNISYNC.

The UNISYNC itself was a huge threat but an even more powerful force, the Draught, crushed them. The Draught was a parasitic fungus that is shapeless, hungry, and virtually immortal. They were able to mutate anything they touched into one of their own kind. It could be a human, animal, or even a machine. The Draught monsters were nearly impossible to kill. They could rapidly regenerate cells and rebuild into healthy Draught if they were injured.

Leading the fight against the UNISYNC and the Draught was the Earth/Zallus Special Defense Organization known as the TROJANS. They were a hi-tech army with members from all the known free worlds of the Galaxy. If anyone could free the Galaxy, it would be them.

About a quarter of the way through the war, a young Trojan soldier who went by the codename The Enforcer went investigating UNISYNC remnant activity on the rings of the planet Saturn. The Enforcer was a respected lieutenant, if not a little inexperienced himself. He earned his rank in a daring rescue mission to save the President of Zallus from a ruthless warrior race who became caught up in the war.

He was captured on this mission to Saturn and taken to an underground lab on a far off-planet. There they put him through nasty and often very painful experiments. In the final few weeks of his pain, he was given a special Draught injection. When the weak Enforcer asked what it was for, the head scientist answered, "So you do not fail your mission." Then, The Enforcer fell silent. He didn't feel the need to ask questions or talk back. Even though he didn’t realize, he was becoming a Human Draught.

It wasn't long before it was time for this mission. He was to turn on his allies, and assassinate the leader of the Trojans. This would not be easy, and he still did not understand what this injection had done for him.

Now he had returned to Earth, he had landed quite far from his destination, but would go the rest of the way on foot. “Just relax,” He said to himself “take a deep breath, then go, and do it!”

Finally he had made it to his destination, the TROJAN base. everyone was suspicious of him, after all, he had been missing for several months. It was strange for him just to turn up like this. Realizing the Enforcer had become a traitor the TROJAN leader beat him senseless. He was lucky to escape as Trojans wear advanced strength enhancing armor, a single well-placed punch or kick from might be able to kill him.

He spent the next several months hiding on the perimeter of the TROJAN base. He hadn’t received any orders from his superiors in a long time. Even though the Trojan leader had left the base to unknown areas of the galaxy, he had enough humanity to be afraid of going after him, and to be scared of returning to the UNISYNC remnant. Since he had failed, what would they do to him?

Then, just as October, the month of his birthday arrived, the Draught, just as powerful as ever, launched an attack on the remaining TROJANS at their own base. Horrified, the Enforcer watched as a brutal battle began. It was likely that this fight would destroy the TROJANS along with him. But a strange feeling came over him while watching the Draught fight and die. He realized that they were like him. Maybe they didn’t look it, but many of them were once human, Recto, or who knew what else, and He felt no less human than he did before they did- what ever it was they did to him, so maybe these Draught felt this way too and were only following orders.

Right as he thought this, he spotted a Draught being attacked by a TROJAN most mercilessly. This soldier’s act was a breaking point for the Draught Enforcer. If the Draught truly were like him, then this one probably wouldn’t mind if he gave it a hand. The Trojan, surprised to see The Enforcer returning for another fight, was sadly unsurprised when he began defending their fungal enemy. The Enforcer shot at him, he shot at The Enforcer. Both winced in supposed pain, but it was ultimately it was the TROJAN who fell, dead on the ground first.

The Enforcer chuckled to himself. it got louder, and louder, then became a loud, hysterical laugh, ending with a violent fit of coughing. He realized that he had been shot too, and collapsed. He looked back up at the Draught who he had saved. Half expecting it would attack him, he grabbed for his blaster, but the Draught didn’t attack, it just looked at him for a while, then, started dragging him away from the battlefield, but both of them were caught in an explosion, the Draught creature was badly injured but the Enforcer was hurt even more. The Draught put him down behind the TROJAN vehicle hangar and went off to fight. However, as it left, another explosion hit the Enforcer, breaking his back.

Mortally wounded, the dying Enforcer wondered once again about what the scientists could possibly have done to him. He had certainly failed his mission, despite them saying he wouldn’t, and now he was going to die. The sound of blaster fire and screaming had stopped some time ago. The battle must have been over. It was getting colder so the Enforcer reached his armor controls to turn up the heating, but before he could, everything went completely black.

“GASP!” The Enforcer took a huge gulp of air. He looked around and saw that his nice shiny purple armor was ruined. Why could he hear people cheering? He got to his feet and saw blue skies and sun. It had been so long since he had seen actual sunlight that it was blinding. When the Draught took over the Earth, they blocked out the sun with their spore clouds, making it look like night all the time. He stumbled out from his hiding spot and saw TROJANS everywhere. He asked one of them what was happening. “The War is over, the Draught have fallen, and the UNISYNC have surrendered.” The TROJAN answered. The Enforcer couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “The war is over.” It had been going on even before he was born, what about the Draught? This made him feel slightly sad, that one had tried to save him after all, but the universe may have been better off without them.

The Explanation of how the war ended could wait. Now he wanted to know how he was even alive. The last thing he remembered was being mortally wounded with a broken back and a blaster mark on his stomach. But then it occurred to him, the gift of the draught, indestructibility, what if that’s what the scientists did to him, gave him immortality, made him indestructible? He said to himself “So you do not fail your mission.” Then took his journal, deleted the entry, “Must assassinate TROJAN leader” And replaced it with “Death Journal.” He was in for adventures.

The author's comments:
The character, The Enforcer, was inspired by a dream I had, involving the Halo game series. Hence the resemblances of the Draught to the Flood and the TROJANs to the Spartans mentioned in the story.

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