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Midnight Red

December 12, 2010
By squalur996 GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
squalur996 GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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"If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character....would you slow down? Or speed up?
-- Chuck Palanick

Kelsie stealthily moved through the trees, causing a soft whispering to rustle all around as leaves rubbed against each other. She brandished a sharp dagger with shaky hands and set determination. It was finally going to end here, in the birch trees’ skeleton shadows. Of course, naturally, the moon was tinged a blood red tonight like it did so much lately. Kelsie could hear the distant chanting coming from the Marakoui Cult. Nemphi was going to have one busy night on his hands.

It seemed nothing was normal anymore or most importantly, sacred. Demons nowadays were terrorizing towns left and right; mostly leaving death and destruction behind. The world was split apart, and so had created many enemies and left few people with anything to hold onto. Like when Kelsie had found her mother and sister dead on their living room floor; of finding out what really happened when they came home late from getting bread at the market.... Kelsie slowly pushed those thoughts out of her mind and focused on her kill.

Suddenly a soft rush of air glided past her cheek. Finally he was ready for a true fight she thought. But even though Kelsie had waited three years for this moment, she was trembling. Suddenly she wanted to be with Nemphi training again, or asleep warm in her bed with dreams of sugary doughnuts from past Christmases with her mother and sister. Kelsie was terrified of this demon. But she quietly waited for him to come out of the shadows.

His looming figure slowly sauntered out from under the whispering leaves. He was actually impossibly enchanting, just as Nemphi had warned her multiple times. He had light blue eyes encroached within a darker ring of midnight blue around the iris and jet black hair. He was a tall muscular fellow wearing a nice suit, even though it was twilight in the woods. Oddly enough he simply just leaned on a nice birch, using languid movements and a small mocking smile, while his eyes glimmered richly in Kelsie’s direction.

He was a Deceitful Demon, and could lead people to believe anything he so desired. A demon had to be very powerful to twist what you saw; Kelsie knew there was more to him than looks and suits.

“Why hello, hello. I have been looking for you everywhere dearie. It pains me so to have not seen you for so long my love,” he said as he made his way over to her, “I have missed you, why can’t you see it? Why are you running and hiding? I would never want to hurt you.” As he crept ever the more closer, he reached out his hand to caress Kelsie’s pale cheek; sending a tingling chill down her spine and throughout. Her heart began pumping fast and a confusing haze was working its way over her mind.

“Get the hell away from me,” Kelsie whispered through her breath. He simply smiled demurely and backed mere inches away from her into the bloodied moonlight. The crimson radiance of the moon made it seem as if he had drenched his upper torso in blood. Kelsie’s guts twisted into knots. She tightly gripped the dagger at her side.

“Being impolite will get us nowhere Kelsie,” he murmured. Suddenly she could feel his hot breath in her ear and shivered. It was as if he had been behind her all along, creating the illusion he had been in her sight all this time. Kelsie’s thoughts were now a big muddled mess of deception, but she knew she had to keep herself together.

“Have you forgotten that you killed my mother and sister? Or have you murdered too many people to remember?” Kelsie venomously spat. In a flash she had whipped out the dagger from her side and stabbed it in his direction. He skillfully dodged and high kicked the dagger from her hand. Kelsie became momentarily mystified and fumbled on what to do next. Only a second of hesitation and he had her. Before she knew it, his foot met her stomach and sent her flying to the ground. He then promptly kept his shined shoe lodged into her gut.

“You wouldn’t want to give yourself an advantage would you?” he gave Kelsie a disapproving stare.

“Demons are afraid of tiny swords, who would have guessed,” She taunted him.

“Don’t flatter yourself too much dearie. You haven’t even begun to see what I’m capable of,” he squished his foot deep into her stomach until Kelsie felt a searing hot surge of pain shoot through her body. She watched as her foe’s face became a sick twisted smile, his eyes dancing wild with glee. And before she knew it, he dissipated into the air and flew away as an ever so cheery mockingbird.

The author's comments:
This is just a beginning to what I hope will be novel-like one day. Please offer any feedback at all! I particularly want to know any name suggestions for the guy in the story.

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