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The Hunt

December 14, 2010
By Chabela-Bela SILVER, Austin, Texas
Chabela-Bela SILVER, Austin, Texas
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"Breathe in the world's pain, breathe out love, and let compassion blossom in your life" Yoga Journal
"You're born alone, you die alone. The rest is yours to fill the gap. The world goes on without you here, adjust or just collapse" --F.F.D.P.

Victor checked his alabaster face for any trace of blood before putting on his Dolce & Gabanna Aviators, stepping out of his brand new glossy black hearse and into the moonlit night with a lion-like prowl. His wine-red hair was spiked out on edges as if he had popped out of a Japanese action manga, his matching red-violet eyes hid behind the reflective sunglasses to protect him from any human suspicion of his true identity. His fangs receded into his gums, and with a confident stride, he began his way up to the old gray mansion before him that stood hiding in the shadows of the tall oak and weeping willow trees, stripped of their leaves by winter and left as naked branches. The old wrought iron fence was at least twelve feet tall with decorative and purposefully dangerous spikes on top. He saw that the gate was left open in order for him to squeeze through, but he thought better, becoming mist and slipping under the gate; he didn’t want to risk ruining his expensive and newly purchased clothes. He couldn’t wait to drain Alexandra of her life’s blood for breaking his permanently unbeating heart; his throat burned with longing by just imagining the taste of his first real kill.

Leopold took his butterfly knife out of the dead guy’s neck and threw it at the only remaining member of the gang who’d tried to jump him. The pitiful fool tried to run but the blade still stuck him between the shoulder blades, getting through the spine and piercing his heart. He froze, then fell forward with a ‘thud’. Leopold retrieved the weapon and licked the blood clean off, getting back to his bike. He inserted his silver skull-capped key into the ignition of Amethyst, his majestic plum--nearly midnight black--chopper. A wickedly sexy coyote grin spread over his features, flashing his pearly white canine teeth as his baby revved to life. Hitting the wooded road, a soft trickle of rain began to fall, wetting his face and brunette hair so that it now looked as black and sleek as his leather jacket. His excitement began to increase; the violently sweet golden-honey of his eyes showed a rush of adrenaline as he sped faster into the cloudy night. He breathed in the scents of fresh air and damp earth, glancing up at the full moon that although partly covered by massive dark clouds, made the blood in his veins boil, nearly compelling him to become his other half. He couldn’t become beast tonight though; he had to see Alexandra, and would luckily make it in time.

Yuruichi put his black hood over his soaked head and ducked under the shrine’s door chimes to avoid being heard by the moon priestess. He already knew which path to take from here since it wasn’t the first time he’d snuck out there. His translucent snow-white hair dried slowly in the bitter wind that blew in his face and would’ve bit his cheeks had he any real nerve-filled flesh on them, chapping his nose and making him squint the way he used to when he was still alive. He made his way stealthily into the orange momiji forest, jumping over moss-covered boulders and dirt paths that would lead to the crystalline river where the twilight portal invited him to freedom from the ghost world into the human one. He realized someone had set up string and paper-charm traps around it to prevent any soul or demon from leaving the spirit world. He cursed himself for not “borrowing” the priestess’ holy knife that would’ve easily cut the strings and deactivated the charms. He shrugged, sprinting through the trap and jumping into the portal before the orb of fire consumed him on the other side. Coming into the human realm, he saw the full moon was out, giving him a flashback of the day he passed on to the other unfortunate side: It had been raining harder than tonight in the fluorescent and neon city of Tokyo. Yuruichi was fresh out of jail and had snuck out of his house, ignoring what the parole officer had said so he could meet up with the mafia and take care of some business. He’d thought they’d merely beat up the kid who’d been spying on them, since he was only sixteen, but the gang was merciless, cutting deep into him every time he didn’t talk. Yuruichi hadn’t been able to handle it, and shot the kid in the head to end his suffering, playing it off as being ‘fed up with the B.S’. Then he committed the biggest mistake in his life; he and the gang all got drunk and high after the kill, deciding it was a good idea to race. A race that ended in an explosion of crunching orange and green blood-stained metal with crushed, unidentifiable corpses inside, burning to shrivels. Shaking his head of the memories, Yuruichi continued on to his destination, unhinged by the need to see Alexandra.

Unlike all her ex boyfriends, Alexandra was an ordinary human: mortal, translation: “easily” killed. Not tonight. They would be the hunted. She sat in the royal red velvet armchair that faced the warm crackling fire, her straight bark-brown hair spilling over onto the cushioned seat, heirloom to the family of hunters as were her violent violet eyes. Before the glow of the fire, her irises took on a different hue of purple than the natural gray-lavender she was born with, symbolizing her superiority over all other hunters.

As Alexandra awaited the arrival of her three ex-boyfriends, she twirled a Dan Wesson 8” Revolver in her delicate hand, heavy from the solid metallurged gold and silver bullets within the chambers. She heard the hum of a car come to a stop in front of the wrought iron fence and readied herself, taking the safety off the Revolver and picking up the Tressitu TZ99 9mm handgun beside her--tucking it between the back of her black leather belt and the hem of her cargo pants where it would remain unseen. She judged Victor would be the first to go down; the rich ignorant would never see the attack coming. Alexandra grinned at the thought of his blood spilling--matching the color of his hair and avenging her and all other’s he’d taken blood from to satiate his unquenchable thirst for the human life force. He’d always leave victims minutes from death, not really killing them himself.

There was silence as she silently approached the door. The knob turned slowly as the door opened, and it wasn’t less than two seconds before Victor slid into the house with a sly smile plastered on his face that soon became a frown at the sight of the Revolver pointed right at him. Looking at where Alexandra had lined up the gun, he realized she was aiming right as his spinal cord: the barrel was directly facing the middle of his neck--a deadly shot for anybody. The only shot that would kill a vampire.

He didn’t have time to act; Alexandra whispered good-bye before pulling the trigger, sending a bullet into his neck that flew trough his trachea and into his spinal cord with deathly ease.
He had a moment before collapsing, using it to take off his ridiculously expensive sunglasses and get a good final glimpse of Alexandra’s memorable but remorseless pale violet eyes.

The next ex didn’t even bother to knock. Yuruichi floated right through the huge cherry wood doors that served as entrance to the grand mansion, pulling the hood off his head and not even questioning the dead vampire on the floor.

“Oh, so you finally broke up with this guy, huh? Did he try to kill you? Is that why you killed him first?” Yuruichi looked amazed and began to laugh.

Originally, Alexandra hadn’t known how to get rid of a ghost, but finally found out how when she visited the family line of shamans. The gave her seals, beads, and a variety of other objects to spirit him away. She’d chosen the handcrafted rice-paper seals, something he immediately identified when she took them out. His maniacal laughter stopped, and Alexandra’s enchantments began.

Leopold could smell a vampire close, and he wondered what was going on. He knew that Alex (as he liked to call her) had had various different boyfriends, but the scent was fresh. The vampire scent fused with the salty, penny-tasting smell of blood, conjured up different emotions in Leopold and his beast. To be safe, he parked Amethyst a long distance’s away from the mansion, running his way there on foot and getting there in time to see a flash of light coming from the living room window. Worried and feeling that sudden loyal urge to protect, he sprinted to Alexandra’s doorstep in less than three seconds, finding the iron gates open. Rushing in with a haggard breath, he surprised Alexandra, making her jump and turn unsteadily.

“Alex, I saw this flash of white--” Leopold’s words got stuck in his throat when he saw the Tressitu’s barrel facing him, but his brain continued to move his mouth in his mind-numbed stat, “I cam to see if you,” he gulped down something fowl, “if you were O.K.” He realized it was the taste of betrayal, and he swore his eyes were lying to him.

“Leo,” Alexandra murmured, frowning an taking the safety off the gun. Everything became slow motion as she proceeded to put her finger on the trigger. She finally pulled it after what seemed like forever, but missed; the bullet only grazed his cheek; it wasn’t even a scratch, though an enough of an emotional wound to sear his soul.

He became outraged when he felt the warmth of his blood run cold as it seeped trough the pathetic wound. He charged straight towards Alexandra in an animal fury and would’ve ripped her pretty head off with his very own hands hadn’t it been for the loud ‘thump’ that sounded behind him. He snapped in that direction, seeing a man around his age dressed in all black with a bullet through his eye on the floor, still twitching his last moments of life before death came for his miserable body. Leopold was bewildered, not knowing what to do in his situation. Before he could demand what was going on Alexandra spoke:

“Three down.” Alexandra sighed, dropping the Tressitu and looking at Leopold with a relieved smile. “Sorry I didn’t tell you, I didn’t want you to be involved.”

Leopold still couldn’t make sense of what had just happened but felt the need to be patient. He still couldn’t help it though; Alex had just killed someone while looking like she was about to kill him, and had most likely killed the other guy lying face down not too far away.

“He was a boyfriend from another state before I moved here,” Alexandra said, answering Leopold’s doubts, “he’s a werewolf, like you, only a psychopathic skitsofreniac stalker that has been wanting to eat me besides everyone else he runs into for the past six years--it’s hunter’s business.”

“I should be involved with any of your dangerous work, don’t act like I’m not a hunter myself. You should have told me, why didn’t you? Do you have any idea what could have happened, hmm?”

“Because, you’re my boyfriend. I can’t let you distract me from killing the bad guys.” Alexandra smiled tiredly, You’re also not my ex,she added in her mind.

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on Feb. 20 2011 at 12:58 pm
Chabela-Bela SILVER, Austin, Texas
7 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
"Breathe in the world's pain, breathe out love, and let compassion blossom in your life" Yoga Journal
"You're born alone, you die alone. The rest is yours to fill the gap. The world goes on without you here, adjust or just collapse" --F.F.D.P.

Is this story good? I only have one comment. =/

on Dec. 16 2010 at 7:24 pm
elvestsmaster, Starke, Florida
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very nice though a first leo seemed to be a vimpire at first