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Javaris Hisoka

December 5, 2010
By CrystalClosure GOLD, Hudsonville, Michigan
CrystalClosure GOLD, Hudsonville, Michigan
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"We are all like snowfakes, beautiful and fragile. Though our purpose is simple and our lives are short, we shall make the most of what we have been given."

As Jos entered the educational recreation room, the room grew deathly silent. As if they were unable to comprehend that it was really Jos. But sure enough it was Jos, standing before them like a long forgotten memory frozen in time.

"Why are you all staring at me?" Jos muttered under his breath so they could barely hear him.

Jos's friend Henry, who was sitting next to him in his desk whispered to him. "Well you've been gone for so long that they thought you were dead," Jos nodded and headed to the back on the room where his desk sat in its orderly row.

Reka leaned from her desk over towards him. "Why are you back so late? I thought they would have you decommissioned by now." she murmured to him.

"Me too, but they're only letting me have a rest. In a week I'll go back for testing," he replied.

Reka nodded and returned to her regular sitting position, facing the front of the room at the board where a uninteresting powerpoint presentation was being played on its screen. Why haven't I gone back yet? They couldn't have picked yet... have they? The Order couldn't have picked the position, they couldn't have... she thought. Reka looked over at Jos who was concentrating on the presentation. Did the Order pick him? They wouldn't... I'm much more advanced than him. I should be the one training right now! she grimaced, not wanting to even consider that Jos was it. I'm the one. I'm the most qualified. I'm the most advanced. I'm better than any of these pathetic juveniles, they're not even worthy of the position!

Jos looked over at Reka, who was frowning hard and concentrating on something important, he guessed. He sighed, thinking about what the Council of the Order had told him.

"He is the one!" the youngest of the elderly council exclaimed. "There is no doubt."

Another, who looked much older almost into his eighties, sighed. "But where is the prof?" he asked hoarsely.

The oldest member looked around the room then to Jos, she smiled sweetly. "We will see... The time to prove his destiny is soon to come, but for now the boy will train and will be tested." the council began to quarrel at the end of her statement. She motioned her hand for the council to be silent, the quarreling abruptly seized. "Enough, the decision will be made when the researcher have done their work," she then stood, signaling that the meeting was adjourned. She later came down to where Jos had been standing. "So you are Josin Zexa?" she asked him

"Yes..." Jos said nervously.

"You know you are causing quite a bit of stir among us Council members," she said sweetly. She was an old woman in her mid nineties at least with a honest wrinkled face, and long white hair neatly pulled back in a perfect bun.

Jos looked at her and sighed. "It seems so."

She laughed softly. "I am High Ruler Virendra Kelion, but you can have the honor of calling me Kelion."

Jos nodded and smiled. He had never imagined having the privilege of being able to call the High Ruler by her personal name.

"Now Jos, I must tell you that you are the most likely candidate for the Javaris project," she told him. "More or least you will be tested for experimentation."

Jos raised an eyebrow.

Kelion nodded. "Yes, I am going to approve you, but you mustn't take this lightly. You will have many trials to overcome, but I am confident that you are the one who will win this war."

"Josin Zexa!" the recreation educator snapped at Jos. "Please decode this text to English."

Jos sighed, stood then walked to the board. He placed his hand on the screen dragging and translating in his mind as the words typed onto the large computerized screen. He stood back, taking a look at what the text actually said. It was a quote from the Book of Hisoka, the book of noble secrets.

"This is not a perfect world, and therefore the old must die in order that the young, that which is more perfect or at any rate capable of greater perfection, may live. Thus death becomes a thing necessary and useful in the evolution of the whole; the destruction of one celestial body contributes to the progress of the rest of the universe. And therefore is the way of the End."

Jos gulped, he knew all to well of the End that the Book of Hisoka told. It told of a prophecy of a chosen one to be the savior of the young and bring forth the End. Hisoka also told of how the chosen one was created by the old and was born of the young as well. The buzzer for the end of session was sounded and all of the youths got out of their seats to head to their resting quarters. As all the youths went to their quarters, Jos, Henry, and Reka all walked to the training gymnasium. A man stopped them from entering.

"Josin Zexa?" the man asked the three.

"Yes?" Jos asked him, signifying that he was indeed Josin Zexa.

"Come with me," the man said taking him by the arm.

Jos was a bit jostled as they sped down the corridor. "Where are you taking me?"

They entered a large round room with window all around the upper half that looked into rows of seats lined around the glass. Only seventeen of the seats were filled by the Counsil members. What are they doing here? Jos thought. He looked around to see an steel examining table in the middle of the room with surgical tools on chrome trays. "What's going on?" Jos asked nervously as they pushed him gently towards the steel table.

"Just relax, Josin," Kelion's voice came from the speakers in the ceiling. Jos looked up to see Kelion with a microphone in hand sitting in a comfortable seat behind the widow's glass. "Just do what we say and it will be over shortly."

Jos looked around at the scientist wearing surgical attire, then back to Kelion. "What's going on?" he repeated.

"You've been chosen, Jos, you are going become our Hisoka Javaris," her words echoed in his head.

The Secret Soldier? I've been chosen... for the Javaris project... he didn't believe it, he didn't want to. "What will become of me after the experiment?" he asked Kelion.

"You will become our savior," and with that Kelion turned off the communication device.

"Kelion! Kelion!" Jos shouted at her through the glass, but the words could not reach her ears. Two scientists tried to lead Jos to the table, but he fought their grip. The man who had taken him to the laboratory gripped Jos's arms tight as two scientists heaved him onto the table, shackling his wrists and ankles to the table. "Get off of me!" he shouted, but no one could hear him.

"Keep him still," one of the scientists instructed, holding a needle filled with some sort of serum in it. The others nodded strapping leather restraints across Jos's legs and shoulders. "This might hurt for a bit," The one holding the needle said. The long, sharp tip gleamed in the florescent lighting. The man drove the needle into Jos's chest, puncturing directly into his heart, extracting the serum into the vital organ.

Jos cried in pain as the serum coursed though his veins, eating away at his cells. His body shook violently as if he was in a seizure. All of his memories flashed before his eyes, his friends, his family, all faded to the blackness of nonexistence. There was only blackness before his open eyes, but the room was lit.

"Blood pressure has returned to resting," he finally heard. The voice was strangely familiar. "Subject's heart rate has returned to normal."

The green serum slowly filled Jos' pupils. The liquid exceeded Jos' pupils and overflowed across his blue irises and over the whites of his eyes. The serum flowed pass his eyelids and traveled down his face. It exited his eyes and pooled onto the table and floor. The serum had left his body, leaving the metamorphosis of his corpse and dying his irises an bright green. Jos blinked the rest of the serum away and gasped for air. His lunges filled with oxygen and his vision returned to his senses.

"Welcome, Javaris Hisoka, I am Kelion," a voice came from the speakers. Jos looked around from his restraints. The people that were wearing white clothes and surgical masks unbounded him from the table.

"Javaris Hisoka?" Jos asked, sitting up and rubbing his wrists.

"Yes," Kelion's voice said. "You are our Savior, Javaris. Welcome to your existence."

Jos was no more only Javaris. Javaris couldn't see Kelion, but he knew she was close. He could sense the scientist around him; he could smell the odor of their blood. He could smell the cold iron, the clean smell of glass, and the sweet smell of water along with other things. Javaris looked around every color, every movement was seen in precise detail. He felt the heat of the people's bodies against his skin.

The door opened and an old woman stepped inside. "I am Kelion. My word is supreme law to you," she smirked. Turning to a tall dark man beside her, she said. "Rinco, let the testing beginn, show Javaris to the arena." Rinco nodded and took Javaris' arm. His grip was light, but Javaris could feel his pulse pound against his own flesh. Javaris was lead down a long hallway to a dark room. It was pitch black but he could see everything in detail; it was a large arena that looked similar to a coliseum. The rows of seats empty. Rinco looked back at Javaris. I never thought that this would actually work. Kelion is truly insane. he thought in his head.

"Kelion is law, I will not allow you to speak against her excellence," Javaris spoke to the man. A pulse of electrical force surged through his body and into his arm.

Rinco yelped as the electricity zapped him, immediately letting go of Javaris. "... I am sorry... The High Ruler shall never be shamed by my actions ever again..." he bowed in respect of Kelion. "Please wait here," he instructed, turning on his heels and sped away from Javaris, leaving him alone in the darkness.

The lights flicked on and Javaris' eyes screamed at the transition. An image of Kelion flashed as a holographic simulation stood before him. "The test will begin, your trails will determine if you are useful or not to our mission," at her last words the image vanished.

There were large gates on either side on the area's walls. They opened and men with their weapons of all shapes and sizes poured out onto the arena floor. They circled around him in stances of potential battle.

Kelion's voice came from somewhere in the area seating. "Kill them, Javaris, kill them all."

Javaris was shocked, but he nodded. The strange electric energy from before surged within him.

The men charged at him wtih strange swords that he had never seen before. One man with a over-sized sword slashed at him. Javaris ducked and ran up to him, backflipping as his foot shot up and nailed him in the jaw. He heard a ghastly crack as the man was propelled into the air. Electricity flashed form Javaris' foot inot the man, burning the man's flesh adn coursing into his heart. Another man wielding two curved swords sprinted to Javaris' chest. Javaris stepped aside then swatted the man's sword out of his hand. He charged again only holding one sword. Javaris gripped his arm and snapped it, then punched the man directly in the chest, breaking his ribs that punctured the man's heart. He fell to his knees before Javaris, dead. Javaris mustered up the pent up energy inside him, forcing all the electricity to his clenched fists. The other guards rushed to him, but Javaris flipped into the air, releasing the energy into the surrounding atmosphere. Sending bolts of lightning down onto the crowd of men below, it electrocuted them all, stopping their hearts simultaneously. Javaris landed among their smoking corpses, all of them lifeless.

A clapping came from Kelion. "Very good Javaris, very good." then she snapped her fingers, opening the gate again. A girl his age, maybe sixteen to seventeen with pale white skin and compelling, ice blue eyes approached him. "This is Kukiko Hisoka, she is your sister of a sort. She is a failed experiment of the Javaris project. Let us see how you will compare against her," Kelion's lips twitched to a smirked. "Fight her."

Javaris shook his head. "I will not."

"I said fight her." Kelion said as she pressed a button on her wrist, activating a reaction in Javaris' body that sent his veins on fire.

Javaris collapsed to him knees, as he looked up Kukiko was standing in front of him. "As Kelion wishes," she whispered. Ice spread on the ground around her and the air grew bitterly cold.

Javaris stood and then picked up the sword that the first man he killed had used. He pointed it at her. "I don't want to do this," he could see his breath.

"But Kelion does," she looked at him with glassy eyes, eyes of a person who had long lost her soul. She ran towards him with inhuman speed, murder in her eyes.

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Thank you Mr. Anderson for the little push.
ps to be continued

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