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Moment to Fight

December 5, 2010
By Masked.Vampire SILVER, Warsaw, Kentucky
Masked.Vampire SILVER, Warsaw, Kentucky
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Spell after spell shot from her wand as she alternated between defensive and attack spells, the different jets of light illuminating the dark room almost as well as a lighting spell would. Stone shattered on all sides as spells ricocheted off of them, sending the pieces of stone flying, providing more projectiles for her to dodge and protect herself from. Fighters on both sides screamed out spells all around her, adding to the spells of her own fight. The man she was fighting against gave a triumphant smirk as one of his spells grazed her cheek - she barely felt the sting, instead casting another. The smirk was wiped clean from his face as it hit its mark and he collapsed. She looked around and quickly engaged another in duel.

For once in her life, Andrea Kingsleigh was truly afraid.

Her wand sliced through the air like a sword, and for once, she felt like she really was the most gifted and powerful witch in the world at that moment, as the newpapers in the magic world had deemed her. She could feel energy literally radiate from her, sent out through her fingers and into her wand, making her spells brighter than any of the others that cut through the air. Perhaps that was why she didn’t feel the cuts or bruises or any of the other injuries she had possibly retained - she was much too focused on her spell work than any sort of pain other spells may have caused her. Her sole focus was on staying on her feet and keeping in the fight.

For him.

She stepped over a fallen body that was face-down - she didn’t stop to see if it was friend or foe. Her target was the door at the end of the room that led into another chamber - from which sounds of another fight could be heard. This one sounded far more intense than any battle she had ever been in - the spells hitting the walls in that room nearly shook the entire chamber she now stood in.

She could only hope that he came out on top.

Thick ropes suddenly wrapped around the hand that clutched her wand and she whirled, jerking in an attempt to keep them from wrapping further up her arm. The owner of the ropes belonged to another cohort who looked bloodied and beaten - trying to incarcerate her would do not good. She switched her wand to her other hand and shot a blasting curse at him - he slammed into the wall behind and did not move. Andrea pulled off the ropes around her wrist and switched her wand back to her right hand.

Across the room she saw Orion battling three of his own. She moved to join, jinx after hex after curse flying from her wand. Something whizzed by her head - she heard the sizzle of her hair as the blonde curls were singed at the edges. Well, at least it’d match the singed emerald robes that clung to her body with a mix of sweat and blood - whether it was her own or someone else’s, she didn’t know. She didn’t stop long enough to check.

The floor literally shook beneath her and something crashed - part of the ceiling in the corner had caved in, exposing the dark night outside. A cool breeze rushed into the chamber, swirling around the occupants of the battle - it seemed to give Andrea a new burst of strength as she took down one of the ones that had started to corner Orion. Together, the pair slammed the other two into the wall behind - the wall was so weak that it caved in on them as well. The place was literally falling to pieces around them, and she understood it would not hold much longer.

“We need to get out!” Orion growled, seemingly reading her thoughts. She nodded, although there was no way she was leaving without him. Orion knew this, of course. “Find Tobias! I’ll call the others back! Meet at the rendezvous point!”

She again, nodded, before the pair of them split up. Andrea headed toward the door to the other chamber, leaping over bodies with practiced grace, wand gripped so tightly that her hand had turned white. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a spell strike Stella - the spiky haired witch was flung against a wall and Andrea sent a spell at the woman who had hit Stella, and another that was starting to advance on her before she reached the door and threw it open.

Almost instantly she had to duck a spell. She surveyed the room quickly - how it was still standing with the amount of damage it retained was a miracle to her. At the center of the chaos was Tobias and Demetri, both who appeared to be dueling intensely. She moved forward, raising her want, but a force pushed her back, slamming her - somehow gently - against the wall. Judging by the small movement of Tobias’ hand, it had been him. Other than that, neither of them looked up from battle.

She moved forward again but again the force pushed her back - a spell whizzed by Tobias’ head and slammed into the stone a few inches from where her hand had just been. For the love of whatever God happened to be listening up there - she needed to help him. He couldn’t do it on his own - while Tobias was easily the most powerful wizard in the world at that moment, Demetri held the same amount of power. They were too equally matched to defeat one another.

She saw the ceiling above Demetri waver, beginning to crack further. Neither of the men seemed to notice it. Andrea saw her chance.

She pointed her wand at the ceiling. As the jet of light flew through the air, Demetri was distracted, in turn giving Tobias his chance. A jet of red light hit Demetri in the chest and he collapsed at the same time her spell hit the ceiling - it crumbled under the blast. Putting a shield charm up, she moved forward to grab Tobias - again, he pushed her back as he put up his own shielding charm.

The ceiling fell down around them. Andrea fell to the ground from the sheer force, but managed to keep her shield charm up a bit longer, preventing the larger chunks of the ceiling from falling on her. The charm faded a second later and several smaller pieces fell down around and on her - for the first time, she began to fully feel her injuries. Coughing, she waved dust out of her face as the cool night air swirled around her. They were completely exposed to the outside now - half the building was still standing, but most of it had caved in with her spell. Demetri was nowhere in sight - and with a jolt, she realized neither was Tobias.

Tossing off the small chunks of ceiling that had pinned her down, she winced when she realized that she probably had at least a broken rib or two. Perfect. Scrambling over to where she had seen Tobias last, she knelt and began to push away rubble. The sight of his dark robes caught her eye, and within moments she had found him - he was alive, breathing heavily, and looked a bit worse for wear. But he was alive.

“Can you move?” She asked, surprised at how hoarse her voice sounded. Probably from the amount of spells she had been screaming. His green eyes - which, for once, held no spark - found her blue ones and he gave a short nod.

“I think I can manage.”

Andrea pulled herself to her feet, grabbing his hand and helping him up as well. Both leaned heavily on each other. She gave a frail smile and he returned it.

It was over.

Her free hand found his, the tips of her fingers still tingling from where she had been casting so many spells, the energy flowing through her. They tingled more when her fingertips brushed his.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked quietly and he nodded again.

“Let’s get out of here.”

They both moved to leave, wands raised.

She saw the movement out of the corner of her eye - and saw the flash of red light before she could even raise her wand any further. A silent scream left her lips as Tobias fell away from her, crumbling. She turned -

- she was met by another flash of red light.

Then, nothing.

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