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Life With Ares

November 2, 2010
By iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
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Despite my mother's death, from the age five to 15 I had a pretty good childhood.
I owe most of the happy times to Ares. He enrolled me in training where I controlled my powers and made friends. He always made sure I was happy, and for that reason we never fought. Well, there was one time I remember.
I was ten at the time. And since it was Mother's day, I was feeling particualarly jealous of all my friends gushing about their mothers. Being angered and saddened, I went home early.
I almmed the door with force and sprinted upstairs.
"Luna? Luna, what's wrong?" Ares called out, but I was already upstairs and on my bed. I heard the floorboards creak and the door squeak.
"Luna?" Ares softly said. I stayed silent, my mind spinning. Ares cautiously walked in, putting a gentle hand on my shoulder."Is there anything I can do?" And for some reason, this comment lit the fuse.
I jerked away from Ares' touch and flipped off my bed, startling him in the process.
"No, Ares! There's nothing you can do this time!" I yelled, tears straking my dirty face."You can't bring her back!" After I said that, I expected Ares to either scream back or break down in tears himself, for I knew perfectly well he missed my mother as nearly as much as I did. But instead, he surprised me.
Very tenderly and got up from my bed and hugged me.
At first I struggled against his grip, whining. But he wouldn't let go. He had me in strong grip, and there was no escape. Tears oozed down my lashes and stopped struggling. I sobbe for a little bit and breathed in deeply.
"I'm, I'm sorry." I whimpered. I notice his grip was more loving and less menacing.
"It's alright Luna. There's always a time for sorrow." Ares gentley answered, clutching me closer.
That time I let myself dissapear into tears.

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