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Space Bound

October 15, 2010
By Kody karash BRONZE, Wellston, Michigan
Kody karash BRONZE, Wellston, Michigan
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Sometimes i wonder, why am i here? I have my own questions about being here.Out Of everyone else why pick me. Sometimes i wonder what would of happened if someone else were sent here. I am an astronaut and i ive in space. I was sent here as just a little boy with a bottle still in my mouth.
I never new why, nor will i ever know, but one thing is clear. I live in the unknown....I am now in my 20's and i am still here looking for a way home.Someday i hope to get home to show im alive and not just a peice of history.If someone else were here and i was at home it would be different, what would happen if i was home?...well that is unknown.I dont have many belongings, not much but so little kids clothes and my space suit.Every day is a challenge for me, I have to perform hard tasks everyday just to survive. It is quiet up here, i havent seen another person ever in my life! WHY ME! why couldnt i just live a normal live with a normal family? I dream of getting home, even though i am unsure i am ever able.... I would be happy just to know someone still thinks about me. Or even is they visited me. I only have one picture of my family. I hope to get home someday, but i dont think it will be anytime soon.

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on Nov. 2 2010 at 1:22 pm
Kody karash BRONZE, Wellston, Michigan
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sorry about leaving you all hanging, i had run out of class time. And thanks for the comment about my grammer, i'll try and watch it.

on Oct. 20 2010 at 2:42 pm
Withoutivory BRONZE, Roseville, Michigan
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This was... I don't know. This was good, I guess. You left us hanging, which kind of annoys me, but isn't that what a good writer does? Leaves the reader on the edge, waiting for more... and then doesn't give it.

I'm pretty sure that is what a good writer does. But one thing, a good writer also works on their grammar. Now, I don't know you, I don't know your life. But I do know that you need to work on some grammar.

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