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Waking Up

October 2, 2010
By iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
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I hear worried voices.
"What if she's gone?" Nella softly wails. I flicker my eyes open, only to be greeted by bright lights. Suddenly, Nella's purple hair is brushing my cheeks and all I can hear is her sobs of relief.
"You're okay!" she joyously weeps, trembling with happiness. I scrunch up my nose, very overwhelmed. My body feels as if it was beated to apulp and I can feel the bruises that knit my body. Nella lets go of me as she feels me wince, her sky blue eys still overflowing with tears. I manage to weakly smile before I notice the other people intently watching.
Violet was in the corner, her black hair in her face as usual. Her orange eyes were piercing through me and I struggled to keep my temper down. It was her who caused me to fall. It was her who had to be the hero. I focused on Rose instead, her curly blonde hair framing her anxious face. Her soft pink lips were slightly trembling. The last person here was Brian, his features twisted byond recgonition, though his hazel eyes were alive and brown hair more shaggy then ever. A long cut was slain across his right cheek, slowly bleeding. I grimaced as I struggled to sit up, Violet's orange eyes gazing at my loathingly. When I managed to sit up, new pains tingled across my body.
"What happened?" I hoarsely asked, my mouth unuasually dry. Nella quietly cried out once more. I threw a guilty glance towards her.
"It wasn't your fault." Brian tenderly reassured her, wrapping an arm around Nella's shoulder. Violet's lip curled in disgust.
"We're in hiding." Rose explained in a flat tone, her green eyes flashing towards the wooden door next to her."We lost them once you've fallen. Nella jumped down after you while Violet"-Rose said her name with the slightest hint of contepmt-"and I held all of them off. Brian showed up just in time. We all escaped. We found you and Nella down the drop. And let me tell you, we didn't know if you were still alive or not. Of coarse we had Brian here. Without him, you'd be in a worse state than you are now. We're at the League's headquarters at the moment, though they can't hide us for very long. The Undelees are blind for the moment. Once you are in a vetter condition, we're taking you back to Aleegee headquarters." I nod, extremely thankful for Rose's descriptive account of what she'd missed. Nella was still muttereing thick things to herself, which made me shake with rage. Nella shouldn't feel the guilt of what Violet had done, who was still straing at me with the utmost of dislike. I grit my teeth.
"You should be ashamed of yourself." I venomnously spat towards her. She stood up, towering over me while I was on my bed.
"Don't you tell me of what I should be ashamed of you thilthy Peacelee. You're the one who disgraced us." Violet poisenously retorted, her orange eyes now livid with anger. Then, I did something unthinkable.
My fingers gripped Violet's turquiose bead necklace, ripping it furiously off her pale neck. Violet gasped outloud as the beads hit the floor. Silence then followed as a revelation hit.
I just took away her status.

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