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The Key -Sweet Dreams, and a Long Cab Ride-

September 19, 2010
By Sirenarose BRONZE, Sydney, Other
Sirenarose BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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It was noon and I was in a cab, the seats smelt of musty worn leather and I could hear the old engine's gears. I watched the many houses streaming by, as we left the city: my old home. Eventually more and more trees separated the houses, untill all I could see was evergreen trees, crystal clear rivers and on the right was the beautiful sparkling ocean; just inviting me in. The trees slowly started to blur and all the sounds grew muffled, my eyes started to droop, from the long, depressing week I had been having. Before I knew it I was in a deep sleep, dreaming, untroubled.
Then I was soaring, around and around in the air my long red hair streaming behind me. My dad was swinging me round in his arms. I squealed in delight, giggling. His eyes crinkled with happiness so that you can see every emotion he had ever felt. The creases around his eyes showed happiness and a content soul, the mouth had a clear smile and laughing lines but the forehead expressed the trouble we have passed through, together and unscathed.
He gently put me down, his red hair flipping over his eyes, picked a beautiful rose from the rose bush, next to the beach and handed it to me.
"Give it to Mum" he said, smiling, his green eyes twinkling merrily. I waddled over to my mother, as fast as my four year old legs could take me. She was sitting on the white sand her long slender legs gracefully crossed and her golden hair, streaming down her back, like liquid sunshine. I clamoured into her lap and shoved my chubby fist with the rose into her face.
"It's from Dada" I laughed. Mum gently pushed my hair behind my ear and kissed my forehead.
"It's beautiful," she said in her silvery voice "but not as beautiful as our rose." She looked at me affectionately with those amazingly beautiful violet eyes. Then my dad came and enveloped us in a big hug, me in the middle. I wanted to stay there forever in my loving parents arms.
But sadly it could not be, suddenly everything started to fade as if I was watching my parents from very far away. I tried running closer but it didn't have any effect. They keep on getting further and further away.
"Help!" I screamed. No longer an innocent four year old, but a troubled fifteen year old; trying to hold on to her past."Mum! Dad!"
"Keep the necklace, it is your key!" is all my mum shouts back. I stare at her in confusion, still running towards her.
"When water meets fire you will come home!" My dad says calmly and quietly. I have no idea how I heard him -it only dawned on me later that he said it through thought-, but as I opened my mouth to say something I was jerked awake.
I opened my eyes startled. At first I don't remember a thing of what I was dreaming about, then it all came back to me. I opened my scruffy , sky blue back pack and pulled out my journal. I tenderly stroked its crimson leather cover, opening it up to a fresh new page. It was thick and creamy inviting me to spill my secrets, dreams and hopes like the many times before.
My father had given it to me on my thirteenth birthday, right before I went to bed. Needless to say I didn't sleep much that night. You see my parents had always said that writing down your dreams was important because ever since I was born I have had these 'special abilities'.
I discovered my first power when I was ten, fluffy my cute soft tabby cat had gone missing. My family and I had just spent a tiring day looking for her, but to no luck. We trudged home all hope of ever finding her gone, I shed a few tears that night before wearily sinking into my warm bed.
That night I had the strangest dream, I was in my bed room only it was upside down and covered in rainbow mushrooms. There was pleasant smelling mist that shrouded everything. A person covered in fine hair beckoned me with one clawed finger towards the biggest mushroom. "I was in the laundry you silly hairless thing." she said in disgust but I could sense a pleased air to her insult. I woke up instantly and headed straight for the laundry. Sure enough fluffy was curled up in the laundry basket one of her eyes open lazily watching me.
I was nervous as I told my parents, most people would laugh if I told them but they remained silent as though they were having a silent conversation. Then my mum smiled that painstakingly beautiful smile and my dad grinned.
"Darling, you've inherited the gift." my dad then rushed up and gave me a huge hug. While my mother laughed and danced. Apparently me and my parents are special, but whenever I asked where I was from they would just say
"All you want to know will be explained on your sixteenth birthday" and look at each other knowingly. The curiosity burned bright inside me, like a mini sun for years till my sixteenth birthday. But then the thing happened... I felt tear well up in my eyes and another wave of regret and pain rolled over me. "I must not think of it" I say.
The cab drivers old wrinkly eyes look at me strangely in the rear view mirror before turning the old air conditioning up. I realise that I was so lost in my thought I had not felt the heat. My mouth was dry and my throat felt like it was coated in sand.
So I rummage through my backpack and pulled out my bottle of water. "Damn!"there was only one drop left. I looked toward the cab driver and see he is busy talking on the phone. I quickly look inside myself to my core. I had seen the sight many times before but the sight still amazed me, thousands of strings of purple light were tangled together inside me. I gently tugged on one with my mind, till it came free. I imagined multiplying the drops of water in the water bottle, then right before my eyes the water bottle filled up.
I took a grateful swig, enjoying the pure tingly taste the magic water leaves in my mouth. So far my powers are quite basic, I can manipulate the elements, water, wind, earth and fire but I can also do simple levitation spells and I'm working on plants and animals.
The problem is that you have to take your Vis (the strands of light, mine are purple) and connect it with the living things Vis. It's very hard and easy to get wrong. I still haven't tried to do it yet but I am told it is near imposable.
If I want to I can enter other peoples cores. A normal persons core is black but when I am there I can sense their mood. Most people are fascinating to read but some leave a sense of disquiet in my soul.
I watched the trees rolling by, replaying fond memories of moments gone by. I was finally beginning to get so lost in my own world that the pain was nearly gone. Oh how blissful it was!
"That will be fifty dollars for two hours" the cab drivers gruff voice brought me back to reality. I quickly got out my black leather wallet and payed the man. When I opened the door the air that rushed in was much cooler. It smelt of crushed pine needles and the taste of salt lingered on my tongue.
I stepped out of the cab and watched it speed away into the faraway distance. Leaving me stranded in a place so alien it was scary, and for the first time I took in my surroundings.
I was facing the beach but there was a cliff separating me from its cool glistening surface. I ran across the road to the cliff and leaned over the safety rail as I took in a huge breath of that crisp, salty air, and looked down to the shimmering surface below.
I then slowly turned not putting it off any longer, and looked at what would be my home for who knew how long. I walked apprehensively towards Ladina Boarding school. Its Huge iron wrought gates were wide open, beckoning me in. I walked towards them; ready for a new begging and fresh start. As I put my grievances behind me and held my loved ones close, I entered the gates of my brand new home.

The author's comments:
This is just the very first chapter of a book im trying to write. Im starting work on the second chapter and i hope you all enjoy :)

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