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Unremembered Secrets - Chapter 5

September 19, 2010
By Ebonykitty SILVER, Naples, Florida
Ebonykitty SILVER, Naples, Florida
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Chapter 5-

I stumbled out of the classroom; my heart thudding against my chest, pounding in my ears. I stood in the middle of the hallway, looking around for Draven. He wasn’t anywhere in sight, figured he just left.
My steps were still unsteady, my heart still beating like a humming bird’s wings. I looked around again, prepared to start finding my way to the bus stop alone when hands clasped around my arms.
I gasped aloud as he turned me to face him, “Are you okay?” his face marked with worry. He quickly looked me over for any marks or bruises.
My hand flew to my heart and I breathed in deeply, trying to calm down, “Draven. God, you scared me half to death.”
Draven leaned in, watching my expression, “Then you’d be dead; you were scared half to death when you walked out. What happened?”
I tried to compose myself, barely succeeding, “Nothing,” I shook my head, “nothing.”
He looked me in the eye, debating whether to believe me or not, “Are you sure?”
I nodded, trying o convince him.
He nodded too, choosing to believe me, and in my head I thanked him for that, “Okay. Well, how do you get home?”
“What number?”
“749,” my heartbeat was slowing, finally calming. I pushed what had happened out of my mind, not wanting to think about it.
“Great, I know just where that is,” he smiled, his teeth perfectly straight and amazingly white.
Draven led me to the bus stop, pointing to bus 749. The doors were open, a small group of kids stepping on; some from the morning bus, others not.
I stepped on, Draven following me. I gave him a questioning look, he laughed, and “This is my bus too.”
He started to lead me to the back. We passed Cam; he was standing up, talking to Brandon and Daniel across the aisle. As I walked by he leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Hey Kitten.”
I glanced back and saw Draven and Cam glaring at each other. Draven and I kept walking until we got to the last seat. Like the morning, I sat by the window, Draven next to me.
Cam looked back at me when the bus started its way out of the school and winked. I looked down blushing, Draven still glaring at him, “Dog fight between you two?” I asked Draven.
Draven’s emerald green eyes narrowed at Cam, Cam simply smiling smugly back, and flashing his perfect white teeth at me, “Not really a fight, more like a lifetime disagreement,” Draven corrected me.
“Oh, so, not a fight, but a fight,” I pointed out the obvious.
He rolled his eyes at me, “Sure.”
The bus rolled to a halt and the double doors creaked open.
“Come on Ebony, this is our stop,” Cam shouted from the front of the bus.
Draven slide off the seat to let me out, I pulled the strap of my black bag over my head and across my chest.
I jumped off the bus, seeing Draven stepping off behind me. I turned to him and smiled, “First the same class, then the bus, and now the same stop? Stalkerish much?”
“Hey,” he raised his hands up, “you’re in my town now.”
I rolled my eyes.

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And now Chapter 5! Tell me what you think of everything so far!

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