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Salton Sink

September 16, 2010
By SaijLorelei SILVER, El Paso, Texas
SaijLorelei SILVER, El Paso, Texas
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In the midst of our lives, the prime time even, the Way Out disappeared. Our environment suddenly cut off from our source and the “Land-leggers” as we heard them called came and ruined us forever. My best friend got trapped in circular plastic and cut apart his gills. We all began to taste this foulness in our water and even the air we received poisoned us. The water became foggy and thick with pollution and everyone, all my friends, my relatives… they began to die. With the Way Out gone we could not get away from these monsters… they were destroying us and the Salton was empty of life. I myself had finally succumbed to the dangers and before I let myself go, I tried to see these Land-leggers with my own eyes and tried to speak to them. Tell them what they had done to us. They wouldn’t look at me, wouldn’t listen. And now I’m here for all to see, washed up upon the stony beach, my algae-encrusted ribs a gross reminder of what they can do when they don’t care.

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