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Beautiful Monster Chapter 2

August 24, 2010
By Future_author SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
Future_author SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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Chapter 2

I was walking down the hall to meet Emma for lunch.
Everyone thinks we're twins, so we are in the same grade.
"Nikki, wait up!" I heard Emma yell from behind me.
Emma walked up to me.
"There's a new kid." She said.
"Should I care." I said.
"Oh right you hate people."
"No I don't. I just get annoyed of the boys." I said.
"Oh well he's a boy too." She said.
I sighed.
"Gosh, you should meet him." She said.
She didn't answer. She just pulled me into the cafeteria.
Then I looked at our usual table at the corner and noticed the guy sitting there.
Is that the guy shes taking me too?
"Don't mind him, he's a little shy." Emma said.
We walked to the table and we sat down in front of him.
"Um... hi Jesse, this is my sister Nikki. Nikki, this is Jesse."
I noticed his dark blonde almost brown, hair. He had pretty hazel eyes.
He starred at me.
I looked at Emma.
'Thanks Emma.' I thought toward her.
She smiled.
"So what class do you have next?" I asked.
"Oh Government." He replied.
"Me too. It is the most boring class in the world." I said.
He nodded.
Emma has to go to P.E. next. She had to be careful there so no one will be suspicious of our speed and strength.
"All right then I'll walk you there." I said.
"Thanks." He looked around. I turned to see so many boys looking at us. "Whats their problem?"
"They all have a huge crush on me." I whispered back.
He chuckled. "Their jealous, right?"
I just nodded. "Just don't go any where alone. They get wild. They will chase you down.
I had to admit. He's handsome.
Out of my 30 years of life I've never seen a guy like him.
I looked at Emma. She knows what I'm thinking.

The author's comments:
Thanks for reading. I enjoy writing this.

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