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Logan Gray- Marrick Chronicles Chapter 1.

August 6, 2010
By acousticgurl SILVER, Lagos, Other
acousticgurl SILVER, Lagos, Other
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I was dark. Well, in dark. My wings folded into my back as I dropped in the park close to Union High. I saw my best friend Kat and waved to her. She waved back and I ran up to her. I used human speed. Kat didn't know about my powers. She had trusted me even to the point of telling me about her skills- Extra-Sensory. She could hear, see, feel extra better than any human. Her brother- Tyler was taken by their real parents to the military and he was used as a method of defense. We traveled to the deep unknown parts of the Blue Forests. We beat them using their own technology against them. They turned Tyler into a destroying machine. We managed to reverse all effects of the machines on him. The police arrested their parents and they came to live with us since their adopted family had been killed in all the capturing. Or so we thought. Their father(adoptive) was alive and he was being hospitalized so after he was well enough they were going back to their house. They were going to stay in Arsenal which delighted everybody. Tonight was the night of the annual fall dance and I took Kat. As got closer, I saw a look of fear and sadness on her face. 'What's wrong Kat?'- I asked. She just whimpered and pointed behind me. There were to men in black coats with guns there. I opened my wings without thinking and I saw one of the men open his mouth. the other however drew claws and his appearance changed. Another Marrick, was the thought that came into my head. I drew my own under-developed claws and my hair turned white. I saw he wasn't still training like me as he took a special stance. I turned and saw Kat's mouth hanging open. She then fainted. I picked her up and ran toward the park benches. I set her on one and flew back to the spot I was before. The Marrick smiled. He changed his stance and stood up properly. He came to me and said- 'Logan Gray, right?' I nodded precariously and took his hand as he shook it. 'Your girlfriend is out cold.'- said the other man as he came toward us. 'She's not my girlfriend. She's just my friend. Best friend' 'Whatever. You teenagers are so off point especially Marrick ones. I ignored his comment and asked him what happened to his wings. 'Military experiment. They cut them off. I was 18 so I couldn't grow them back. Only a little came back and that isn't useful in battle but it is good for flight.' 'I know what you mean.'- I said as I ran toward the park. Kat was waking up as I got there. 'You're a what?'- were the first words that greeted me as I reached her. The stranger Marrick said- 'Busted'.
'Kat, I can explain'- I started. 'Explain? Explain?? What can you explain that you've been lying to me since I met you?' 'Just listen, Kat.' 'Okay, okay, I'll listen. But this has got to explain everything that's going on.' 'Okay. I'm a mutant. It wasn't chemicals that affected us, it wasn't a crazy scientist. God gave us this'- I said waiting for her reaction. 'God?'- she said, then a look of amazement covered her face. 'You are the Marricks. I have dreams about someone that looks like an angel. The woman in my dream kept telling me about a destiny or something, I don't remember' 'Freya.'- said the stranger. Kat turned to face the strangers and said- 'Excuse me, who are you guys and why did you attack my friend?' 'We didn't attack him'- said the stranger Marrick. 'We were just gonna interrogate him.' 'Yeah right. You don't point a gun at someone to do that and Mr...'- started Kat. 'Sanchez' 'Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez, I heard what you said about my being dangerous. I am extra-sensory. Same God on both sides.' 'Really?' 'Yes, really.'- I said finally cutting into the conversation. 'Mr. Sanchez, what do you want with me?'- I asked. 'I need your help but we will let you enjoy the dance first'- he said.
'So, Kat do you promise to keep this business quiet?'- I asked as we walked toward the grand hall- or gym. 'Of course'- she said. Then she kissed me on my cheek and I took her hand flushing stupidly. But that wasn't the end. She tripped and I caught her quickly. As I straightened, I realized we had never been this close. We stared at each other for a long time and everything around us stopped. My powers were malfunctioning. I kissed her and she kissed me back. When we stopped, she looked at me with a look of regret and I wondered what was wrong. She ran towards the doors and left me standing and wondering- 'What just happened?'

The author's comments:
I hope you guys like it and please tell me if it's good enough to be continued

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