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Unremembered Secrets - Chapter 1: Ebony

July 27, 2010
By Ebonykitty SILVER, Naples, Florida
Ebonykitty SILVER, Naples, Florida
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I brushed back my black hair one more time before sliding in my clip. My side bangs that were too short to stay clipped back fell onto my face, hiding my ears.
I slipped my black messenger bag strap over my shoulder then looked over myself in the mirror: My light grey eyes were shadowed in black, and I wore a dark grey shirt under a thin black jacket, who’s sleeves were rolled up to my elbows. My long legs were clad in black skinny jeans with a small rip on the knee, and a pair of old red converse.
I snatched my black and red belt from my closet and fed it through the loops on my jeans to complete the look. Then I glanced at my alarm clock and rushed out the back door, not taking the time to lock it.
Behind my house were woods that ran for miles. I hurried through the shadows of the trees, the smell of moist dirt from a nightly rain and leaves filled my nose, putting me at peace.
I whipped around at the sound of a snapping stick but saw nothing except various types of trees.
I kept running, climbing over fallen limbs, and passing trees I’ve passed a hundred times before, kicking up leaves in my wake.
I came to an abandoned white house. I cut through the side yard and crossed the street, where three other kids my age waited for the bus.
It seemed kind of pointless to me; to have the first day of school on a Friday, but you cant miss the first day of school, especially not in high school.
I joined the three other students; two girls and one guy. I plopped down next to the guy, the two girls; petite, strawberry blonde and brunette were whispering to each other, excluding the boy, and ignoring me.
“Hey,” the boy said, his emerald green eyes looked me up and down.
“Hi,” I replied, shyly, placing my bag beside me.
“I’m Cam,” he reached out a hand.
Kinda formal, I thought, “I’m Ebony,” I slid my hand in his and we shook.
“I haven’t seen you around, are you new?”
“To the school, yes, but I moved here at the beginning of summer, from California.”
“Long way,” Cam said casually.
The bus pulled up then, and I brushed the invisible dirt from my jeans. The two girls filed in first, and I followed, cam behind me.
“Sit with me?” Cam said in my ear, making me jump. He softly laughed, then put a hand on my back, pushing me towards the back and into the last seat on the left.
The bus was nearly empty, only a few other people sat in random seats, listening to music, or catching more sleep.
I settled next to the window, Cam plopping down beside me. “So how do you like here so far?” Cam asked, making conversation.
“So far so good, I like all the nature,” I gestured towards the woods behind the houses.
“Ahh, tree hugger, huh?” he elbowed my side, smiling.
A small smile played on my lips as I pushed him back, “Yes.”
“Yea, it’s peaceful.”
I pressed my lips together and nodded. There was nothing else to say, so we sat in awkward silence, me looking out the window, Cam watching me.
Soon the bus came to Black Ridge High, the doors opening with loud protests. Everybody jumped off, some heading towards the courtyard, others on their way to distant hallways where there friends waited.
“So do you know anyone?” Cam asked, positioning the strap of his backpack on his shoulder.
I sighed, “Just you.”
Cam laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, “Well, time to introduce you to everyone.”
I gave a nervous smile as he pulled me along to the courtyard. We came to a large group of people, four boys and one girl.
He pointed to each one, “Brandon, Carlos, James, Daniel, and, of course, Brittney.”
“Britt.” The brunette corrected. She gave an insignificant flick of her hand as a wave, eyeing me suspiciously, glancing at Cam’s arm around me.
I smiled at her, looking her over.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone. I glanced over and saw him; he looked like the male version of me. He had jet black hair that looked sharp; like knives that pointed down, stopping at his chin and skin as pale white as mine. He wore black jeans and a black t-shirt with a white design of dead trees and crows, and black converse.
He was sitting on a blue table surrounded by what I could only assume were his friends, all wearing dark clothes as well. His emerald green eyes met mine but he didn’t smile or wave; only looked me over and went back to his friends.
Cam lightly squeezed my shoulders and I was sucked back into the conversation of late night cell phone calls with boyfriends, girlfriends, and crushes, and Britt’s shock over how many calories there were in mayonnaise.

The author's comments:
I'm hoping I can actually publish this as a book. Do you think I could? Tell me what you think.

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