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Blood Part Three

July 3, 2010
By TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
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When I had calmed down enough to return back the topic had been dropped. Nothing changed I was going with a newborn to find some of my old friends. I laughed as the soldier tried to keep up with me just as funny as Houston’s reaction when I told him that he had to stay here and help. Or be the one getting help but I didn’t say that out loud. “Come on now soldier getting bet by a girl how’s that feel?” I smirked at him still running.
“Not good ma’am!” he barked.
“Well then what are you going to do about it then?”
“Want to make a bet?”
“Sure if I bet you then you have to um well you have to…”
Money wasn’t an object life no. Life Time of Servitude had it not fun…
“Well what did you have in mind?” I asked him.
“Well ma’am you’d have to kiss me.”
“Well then if you lose then you have to back off no more of these bad thoughts of yours.”
“Thoughts what thoughts?” he asked.
“Um hum you will find out uh I never got your name soldier what is it?”
“Rick C. Shoe.”
“Shoe what kind of last name is that?”
“Uh my last name.”
“Well I like you Rick but you’re going to lose.” And then I took off without a backwards glance laughing with joy I never got to use my muscles always trying not to break something or someone. I almost forgot where I was going when I turned going faster now. He followed we were neck and neck. “I never lose!” I chanted and then I ran into the yard to where my friends of Alaska were.
“Ha-ha now just shut up.” He grumbled something and I laughed. “Get on outside please I will talk to them if I need you I’ll ask.” He went out and I went in.
“Who’s there?” someone asked and then five vampires were in front of me in attack poses. “Oh Maggie it’s you what’s up?”
“We are in grave danger Susan.” And so I told the story.
“Whoa” Susan said in a soft voice.
“So will you help?” I pleaded.
“I’m not letting you have all the fun now would I?”
“That’s my girl.” And we bumped knuckles.
“Jared goes get Stacy and Joey go get Mary.” Susan ordered. “We’re going in a road trip.”
“Alright I have some more stops to make but you guys can go on down there it’s in Louisiana;’ big house you’ll see six of us waiting there.”
“Six of you Maggie what happened?” Mary asked. Mary was the youngest of them and of course Susan is the oldest and the others are the middle.
“Um uh ask Emma or Michal. I hear more than I’m supposed to hear.” I smiled sheepishly.
“Oh yeah you’re the find a power get a power. So much it won’t take long for you to find what mine is.” Jared gloated.
“Self control that’s a new one well not now” I laughed at his expression. “Go now.” I said.
“Wait who is this?” Stacy said in a grim tone.
“Oh um hold that.” I looked at the soldier. “What’s your name again?”
“Rick Ma’am.”
“His name is Rick” I called.
“Same old Mag” Joey said with a mock punch.
“You have to get going now Susan my friends elsewhere won’t like you best I get their word now and then show them.”
“We will see you then Maggie” Susan and the others said and then I ran off leaving a trail of blur behind me.
“So want to make another bet?” Rick asked.
“No I have a duty now and so do you” my velvet tone made the treat all the meaner. He stayed quite from then on out. When we got to Maine I had begun to sing to The Beatles in my head because he was thinking about them. “You know I dated the drummer once.” He nodded impressed about how old I was. “Way older then that” I smirked “bet you can’t figure out how old I am same as the last time.”
“So Miss Maggie married?”
“No I have a boyfriend.”
“What’s his name?”
“Houston how about you got anyone special?”
“No not really.” He sighed with sadness. My face was blank I stopped in my tracks and a vision of someone and Rick to hard almost as powerful as the way I felt about Houston. Then I was ripped back into my world. I gasped, and the smiled “you will someday if you don’t change your mind.” The look on his face was priceless. I shook my head no. He let out a sigh. I grinned at his thoughts. We ran again getting closer.
“Uh I give up I can’t figure out you name.”
“I still won’t tell you” I smirked. Then all joy left “we’re here.” My tone was grim in pain cracked into it at the last bit.
“Why so...” he was asking me but I hissed they had some unexpected visitors them well more like him. They were my worlds Royalty pretty much, they made sure our laws were obeyed or we were disposed of, I hated them all of my relatives did that’s why we call ourselves family. I darted in Rick came not staying behind. But that’s not the point. I straightened up when I saw them and bowed at the leader Molex.

The author's comments:
This is my third part of my short stories...

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