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Starling, Part 1-Found

June 7, 2010
By still-a-novice BRONZE, Balderdash, Illinois
still-a-novice BRONZE, Balderdash, Illinois
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Attention people! This is life here! This is not a rehersal. I repeat, Life is not a Rehersal!

It came like a tsunami wave. She was in the town. Just a plain bus. A wave of water was coming straight towards the town. Everyone was screaming. She ran out into the snowy field of contry snow.

She was lifted into the air by an invisible force. The town watch with fearful eyes as she raised higher and higher into the air. Then flames of fire erupted from the palms of her hands. Fire met water. Steam was everywhere. Then it stopped. The water stopped and fire stopped. Just in time for the black reders.

They cam on dragons. Four of them approached from the sky. She sent ice. It froze them in mid-air. They fell as a boulder from the highest peak. The dragons shatterd on impact. The riders got up. They were not harmed. She sent a mix of fire, water, and wind. By the time she stopped, the four riders where no more. All that was left was a pile of ashes.

Nalana slowly walked into town and into a neighboring field. It was silent. People cringed and moved back as she walked by. They were afraid of the girl that controlled the elements.

Chapter 2

But more than just the towns people saw that event. Legalos, Gimli, and Aragorn, hidden under their elven cloaks, also saw this event unfold.
“What is she?” asked Gimli
“She is no dwarf, man, nor elf. She must be a thing only in the most forgotten songs and stories. One of the legendary starlings. A mistake. Part elf. Part Dwarf. Part man.” answered Aragorn.
“She is very powerful. We should stop wandering and killing orcs and follow her. For this starling is very powerful. If the wrong side got her… all would by lost.” Legalos said.

Chapter 3

They ran after her. For a while they kept pace. When she turned onto an empty road, they grabbed her. They brought her into a forest. She gave no struggle. When they came to a small clearing, they let her go.

She retreated to a small area by an old Weeping Willow tree. They prepared to make camp for the night. After making a fire and sitting down to eat, Nalana spoke.
“Who are you that takes girls without so much as a word?” she asked
“I am Aragorn. Heir to the throne of Gondor.”
“I am Gimli, the dwarf.”
“And I am Legalos, a wood-elf.”

Aragorn looked as though he had seen many battles. He had no scars but his face looked older and more wise then necessary. There was a sword in its sheath at his waist. He was tall and muscular. But he trusted the woods like someone who had lived in them for a long time.

Gimli was small and stout. His face looked like it had a permanent look of stubbornness about it. He had an ax on his waist belt. He was eyeing Nalana with beady little eyes.

Leagalos was tall and as thin as a rail. He had a quiver of arrows on his back and a strong bow over his shoulder. He was an elf and did not age. He must be at least hundred years old, but he did not show it. He looked about with sharp eyes and his pointy ears seemed tuned into the forest around him.
“Come with us,” he said “for Saramon is rising to power. He know who you are. Black Riders are his servants. We can protect you from this raging war that is happening.” Legalos reasoned
“To what purpose!” Nalana screamed. “Until you die? None of you are fully immortal. You will die like everyone else. You say you will protect me. Don’t you see. If you value your life, you would leave and forget all about me and what happened. These towns-people are smarter than you. They forget all the unnatural and go about there life. I am your doom. Everyone neat to me has died. Always a hideous death to terrible to say here. Learn only my name and you will face death and look it in the eye. I will kill you with out ever drawing a weapon.” Nalana’s voice had dropped to a whisper.
“We will take you to Rivendell. There you will be safe. I hope that you will come willingly. We don’t want to hurt you.” said Aragorn, ignoring her protests.
“Fine. I will go. But only so long as once we are there, you will lock me up in a cell. I don’t hurt people if I don’t know them.” Nalana whispered.

Chapter 4

They set off immediately. They ran all day and all night until Legalos grabbed her and turned her around. She saw how tired Aragorn and Gimli were. She than stopped.
“I will take first watch.” she volunteered.
“No. I am not putting my life in your hands until I know your name.” Gimli shot
“Its Nalana. Satisfied?!”

Once Aragorn and Gimli were asleep, Legalos crept over to Nalana. For a while that sat in silence. They listened to the night sounds of the sleeping forests. Then Nalana broke the silence.
“I know I seem bad. But no one knows what its like. To site here now, and have the images washing over you. It’s mentally draining just to keep from drowning in them.” Nalana whispered.
“What images?” ask Legalos
“ Visions of thing that may happen and what is happening. Even what has happened. I don’t ever know what has happened or what will happen.” replied Nalana
“You have the gift of foresight. It’s priceless. I wish I had it.” Legalos said.
Then he yelped as the visions came over him.

The first was of a black rider. He stabbed Legalos. Then it was Aragorn that he stabbed. Then it was Gimli. This happened nonstop with slight variations such as where they were. Then it was of a young elven boy. He was running in the streets of Rivendell.

Then the visions stopped. Nalana had them under control again. Aragorn and Gimli had also seen these things. They where sitting up and panting hard. They took a shuddering breath.
“What was that!” Gimli cried.
“That was a taste of my mind. What the foresight commands I see. I can not control it. Only tame it. I can see when I want to. If I don’t see it for a long time then it comes and I can not keep it within my grasp.” said Nalana
“I hate it!” Gimli muttered
“Will those things happen?” asked Aragorn
“I don’t know. They may happen. They may not. I have no idea. The accuracy is always very close.”
“I’ll take the next watch.” said Aragorn
“Thanks.” replied Nalana
She lay down and was soon fast asleep.

Chapter 5

The group was off again bright and early the next morning. After a few hours, Nalana stopped for Gimli was complaining of having no breakfast.
“Eat Gimli!” commanded Nalana tossing him a roll.
“While we are waiting, lets see if you can defend your self Nalana. If any of your visions come true, you will have to soon enough. First you will attempt to disarm me. Only DISARM. We don’t want to spill and blood so early in the day. Nalana grab a sword.”

They fought for at least 4 minutes. The swords were shining light all crossed the clearing. The early sun was high in the sky before it came time that Aragorn dropped his sword in defeat.
“You are very skilled with a sword. I am surprised. Now lets see if you can throw and ax as well as handle a sword.”
“See that knot over there in that tree?” asked Gimli “I want you to try and hit it. Watch me first.”
He threw the ax. It landed firmly in the wood.
“Now you try. Try to hit the tree.”
Nalana threw the ax. It landed in the exact same spot.
“Beginners luck!” muttered Gimli
“Now lets see if you can do archery as well as an elf. Pick a bow and watch me first.” said Legalos
He released the arrow and it landed in a tree 30 feet away.
“Now its your turn.” he said
Nalana released the arrow and it landed dead on the one Legalos shot. It split his arrow in to four parts.
“Wow.” was all Gimli could say.
When suddenly, Nalana screamed.
Chapter 6
“What’s wrong!” Aragorn yelled
“Black Riders! On horseback! I am going to kill them!” yelled Nalana

They came. On black horses. They surrounded them. Legalos fitted an arrow to his bow. Aragorn drew his sword. Gimli drew his ax. Nalana freed the daggers in the belt. Then it began. The Black Riders could not die, so this quickly became a matter of surviving rather then killing the riders. Nalana dared not use magic to get rid of them. She was still to weak from last time.

Suddenly, a rider drew his dagger. Each Rider has a dagger custom made with enough poison to kill the one he is sent to kill. The poison kill the victim in a slow and pain full death. The Rider battling Aragorn attempted to stab him. Nalana saw this and jumped in front. The dagger landed in her side instead. But that did not stop her. She jumped in front of Gimli just in time to save his life. Then she turned and saw that Legalos was standing there with his quiver empty. He was on the ground trying to hold off the Rider. Nalana tackled the Rider. But his dagger found her side and stabbed. That was all she could take. She screamed. It was a sound so terrible and blood curdling that the Riders fled.

Nalana was on her side. One of the daggers was left on the ground. The other three were in her right side. She was unconscious. The other three ran over to her. They saw how bad the damage was and knew that there would be no cure for her. There only hope was to take her to Rivendell.
“How far is it two Rivendell?” asked Aragorn
“At least six days of walking. We can make it in three if we take turns carrying Nalana. That is what we must do. She saved our lives. There is no repayment to that then for us to save hers. It will be hard. They might not let us in. It may even be to late. But she deserves us to try.” Legalos said as he picked her up into his arms. And with that they started running east.

Here end part one of the Starling Series.
The next part is called The Elves Vow.

The author's comments:
This is part one in a multipart story. I wrote this off a dream so please don't give up on it. It does get better. Thanks!

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on Jul. 4 2010 at 7:01 pm
still-a-novice BRONZE, Balderdash, Illinois
4 articles 0 photos 25 comments

Favorite Quote:
Attention people! This is life here! This is not a rehersal. I repeat, Life is not a Rehersal!

Hey guys, for you 28 people that have read this, and more, please tell me if you think I should add the second part. Thanks! Tell me what storie are your's and i will read them. 

on Jul. 1 2010 at 11:38 am
still-a-novice BRONZE, Balderdash, Illinois
4 articles 0 photos 25 comments

Favorite Quote:
Attention people! This is life here! This is not a rehersal. I repeat, Life is not a Rehersal!

Thanks for the advice. I will try and fix it for the next download.

anaisp15 GOLD said...
on Jun. 29 2010 at 2:37 pm
anaisp15 GOLD, Batavia, Illinois
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And in the music we find ourself

T, i like but one suggestion is to make the chapters longer and to make the sentences more interesting maybe try and phrase them diffrently. ( sorry about my spellling, u queen.)

anaisp15 GOLD said...
on Jun. 29 2010 at 2:35 pm
anaisp15 GOLD, Batavia, Illinois
15 articles 0 photos 39 comments

Favorite Quote:
And in the music we find ourself

are you nervous a little about what people think?

on Jun. 19 2010 at 11:46 am
still-a-novice BRONZE, Balderdash, Illinois
4 articles 0 photos 25 comments

Favorite Quote:
Attention people! This is life here! This is not a rehersal. I repeat, Life is not a Rehersal!

Hey, this is my first story so please, cut me some slack, but please,  please! Tell me what you think