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Blood Part Two

June 6, 2010
By TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
TeamTamani SILVER, Adams, Tennessee
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I looked out the window and saw all the faces of strangers, they stared at our cars we drove separately well I did. My off-roading Jeep was huge and was way different from Michal’s Black Italian Sports Car. We drove by our beautiful faces showed no emotion. We drove in the middle of nowhere, and then you saw a big place with lots of trees. I parked my car and jumped out I began to start the cycle we built a house we tore it down. I got some wood from a tree and began to work we were done in the nick of time. I sat down on my floor we can’t sleep or go out in sunlight but we don’t turn into bats… I went out and began to explore the sky was covered in dark clouds that looked like a storm was on its way. We were like the Cullens in some ways we had powers I did at least I could do any talent that I found I can: read minds, control emotions, see the Further, I was a Tracker, I can control earth, shock people, cause them pain, read every memory you ever had, and put images in your mind. Scared yet? You will be. I roamed around town in my Jeep looking for something to do. I came across a boy who was young and was about my ‘age’. He had blond hair with blue eyes and was tall and skinny. He waved at me I pulled over. I jumped down out of my car and looked at him he had talent in my world I could smell it. I leaned in “lovely” I murmured. “You have talent I see. Would you care to see my house?”
“Hi and um sure are you new here? My names Houston by the way and yours is?”
“Maggie” I said in my velvet tone. He was lured in when I said my name. We rode to my house I wanted to keep this one. “Um lay here Houston.” He did so I placed my mouth to him throat like I was going to kiss him and then a yell was in the room he screamed in pain begging to die. I restrained him till Michal came with Emma.
“What have you done Maggie?!”
“He had talent I didn’t want him to waste.” Then the anger was gone and the yelling was to all was calm. My power was working I could hear Houston’s pain in him mind.
Two days passed before he got up I keep him away from all the others who were off visiting some Vampires in Alaska. ‘We’ll be close by Mag but he’s not as strong of you.’ And Emma soothed my hair. Houston finally came around and his pain faded. His eyes were a deep red.
“Don’t worries we don’t come out often I would say we wore contacts but the dissolve as soon as they touch our eyes.”
“Um I have a question” as he steady himself on the floor. “Why is my throat burning?”
“The thirst, let’s hunt.” I pulled him to a window.
“The window?” he asked for I was opening one.
“If you’re worried I’ll carry you.”
Refusing to be carried by a girl he said “no.”
“Watch” I laughed he didn’t know I could read his mind.
I jumped down flawlessly; I nodded for him to get a move on. He did, with a big thud he asked “how was that?”
“Sloppy” I sang skipping over to the trees. He followed thinking ‘sloppy that was perfect!”
“Your footing was off and you made to much noise.” I sighed lightly when I saw two big guys both were paler than normal like me and had red eyes like mine. The thunder boomed and the lightning flashed the rain hailed and chucks of ice came violently.
And then I said in a grave tone “they will hurt you go; now find some place far run away.” I commanded sternly. He looked away and was a blur when I could no longer see him and his thoughts were a soft pitter patter I advanced. “Stop Eon, I expected better Amos.” My voice was a soft ring like a soprano. Amos laughed.
“I thought you were supposed to be in Texas.”
“We’d been there a while, now why don’t you come with me and I won’t hurt you I have a newborn.”
“A newborn” Eon gasped, “impossible” he whispered.
“Houston come to me now.” He was there by my side. I kissed him softly “these are my ‘cousins’ Eon and Amos.” I whispered in to his ear. “They are from India I don’t know why they’re here oh wait I do now.”
“Ah yes the find a power get the power one” Amos sighed “so much talent.”
“Houston can form into anything he see’s; watch Houston Amos.” Houston didn’t know what he was doing but his body did what it was told and Amos was there. “Now Eon” he did so. I excused myself quickly and formed in to Michal I had to get this right. Houston was himself again. I walked out “Amos Eon my friends where are the others?”
“Back home we were on our way to see you and we ran in to Maggie where she is anyway?”
“She returned home let’s go before someone sees us.”
“Fine Michal.” Eon agreed so did Amos. I grinned Vampires don’t go back on their word it’s against our nature. I lead the way to our abandoned home. When we had finally gotten in I changed back to myself.
“Maggie!” Eon screeched in rage.
“Yes Eon” I sighed “What is it?”
He sputtered “You tricked us into giving our word to go here WHY?”
“Because I need to talk to you now.” He sighed asking why in his head. “Because dear Eon you see Houston?”
“Why yes I do.”
“Well imagine that there are twenty of him in Tennessee who were killing they might come Eon and then where would we be they’d check on us all of us.”
He gasped, “You mean that those little hellions are in the area.”
“Yes cousin we must act it’s getting worse yesterday it was at ninety you know what a shot that is from twenty to ninety.” Amos gulped, “now my parents will be back shortly their off in Alaska visiting Susan and her coven.” When my parents got back they weren’t alone they had new newborns. “Shoot what did you do Michal find some dying soldiers?” and that was just it. There was about four of them. “You didn’t go see them did you” they shook their heads “figures” I muttered.
“Mag come on. Look at all these nice young men who are like you…” I cut him off right then.
“I have Houston he is all I need I changed him because he had talent, but I also changed him because he reminded me of my old boyfriend.”
“Well I don’t approve at all he is so…”
“But he can protect her and lord knows that’s a job.” Emma said.
“I don’t know Emma he might hurt her.”
“No he won’t Michal I fend for myself.”
“Oh do you” he chuckled “you’d be dead right now if it wasn’t for me.”
“I wish you hadn’t you gave me this cursed life I never get a kid I never get to sleep, never go to school, we barley go out in public for Pete’s sake!”
And that was it I jumped out the window and ran; I could hear Houston trailing behind. I kept running my legs were not getting tired they never did. “I’m sorry about that I wish you didn’t see it.” I whispered if I could cry a tear would have rolled down my cheek.
“It’s okay Maggie I understand.” He soothed me. I put my arms around his and kissed him and he kissed me back with all the passion I had put in to it he was throwing it back.
“Oh this is lovely” I mumbled with joy. We were standing holding each other close. And then we were kissing upside down in a tree. I don’t know how we got that way but I was okay with it.

The author's comments:
This one I think is better than the first one but everyones gotta start somewhere right?

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