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the 19th: part 3

April 19, 2010
By seven_stones GOLD, Atlantis, Massachusetts
seven_stones GOLD, Atlantis, Massachusetts
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This first thing I felt when I woke was the weight of the necklace on my neck. I could have sworn that I had dropped it back at the house. I opened my eyes slowly, scared of what I would see. I gasped, I felt my breath catch in my stomach. I was on the side of a freeway at night. Cora was sitting calmly on the ground, smiling to herself eerily. Cars whizzed by. I turned to Cora, she was sitting with legs crossed and rocking back and forth. She cocked her head and stared up at me. Suddenly without warning she grabbed my hand with her tiny bony one and yanked... making a soft whimpering noise. I screamed and kicked her with the toe of my shoe. She shrieked and crumpled at my feet. I sprinted of into the wooded areas adjacent to the road. When I dared to glance behind me Cora seemed to float, illuminated frighteningly by the headlights of cars behind her. Her hair flew out behind her, her eyes almost all pupil with a crazed expression. I tripped and fell, in a moment she was there next to me like a pale shadow. "What do you want!?" I sobbed into my hands. Cora smiled. "You have no need to fear me Ethel. I sought to help you. I wish to save you from your fate before it is to late. It is too late for me but you can still be rescued." "Save me... save me from what!" Cora looked at me curiously. "Do you know the legend of Anne Boleyn?"

Cora looked uncomfortable. After a few moments she spoke in her heavy tartan English accent."Anne Boleyn was married to Henry VII. She was the queen of England for a very long time. She had difficulty bearing children however. Henry became sick of her and told the public that she had seduced him with witchcraft and spells. She was falsely accused with treason. She was set to be executed on May 19, 1536. She awaited her death in the white tower. She was filled with spite for her husband. She called her servant in. She said that she wanted to weave a curse. She gave her servant clear instructions. She told him to take her bone after her death and carve it into a pendant with a silver bladed knife. To fix it on a chain as a necklace. She told him to whisper her name to it three times. She then instructed him to present it to the king as a gift. She said that when he wore it, he would be cursed forever, and the same with all of the necklace's wearers. She said that through her blood and body vengeance would be reached.However she warned the servant boy to never wear it, for once it touched his neck he would be cursed. She was slain and the next evening her servant set upon his work. He found her body and carved the flesh from her bone and cut away a block. He took it to his quarters and with a sliver bladed knife carved and rounded it into a large pendant, then strung it on a copper chain. The boy was about to present it to the King, finishing his lady's last wish, when curiosity struck. He wondered what would happen if he wore it, just for a moment. He slipped it over his head, the removed it quickly, but not fast enough. Mere days later he went insane, complaining of voices and pain. He was fond a month later on the outskirts of town, his body badly burnt, exactly a year from Anne's death, although no fire was ever seen. His body was looted by villagers. They took the necklace from his pocket and sold it to buyers, unaware of it's power. And so the bone of Anne Boleyn was passed on, the same fate bestowing all those who wore it. They were all died on the same date, the date of Anne's death, all badly burned. Many were also born on the date, as if the necklace was drawn to those who shared the date of it's body. You wear it now Ethel. Anne has woken. She will destroy you as she destroyed me if you do not fight."

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number 3 in the saga!! more chapters comign soon!

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