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We'll Destroy This Place Together

March 28, 2010
By SaijLorelei SILVER, El Paso, Texas
SaijLorelei SILVER, El Paso, Texas
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The assembly sat silently watching the clock above them. Five hours. Only five hours left. They had exhausted all plans to be saved. The man with a plaque in front of him that read 'United States of America' slammed his fist down on the table.
"Why haven't they contacted us?!"
The other attendants rolled their eyes- typically theatrical president.
"These terrorists," A tall, dark skinned man tried to reassure. His own plaque said 'Zimbabwe'. "They're not looking for ransom to stop their deeds. These acts are expression of their dislike on how the world has become."
"Are you sympathizing with these people?" France asked.
"I admire them. Their actions are not the ones I would choose but it seems to them and even to me that the only way to get people to listen-"
"Is to hurt them."
The congregation murmured and turned to the TV sets above their heads.
Two young women's' faces appeared on the multiple screens.
"Sorry to interrupt." the girl on the left said. Her hair was short and very dark brown; there was a blonde stripe across the right side.
"We actually wanted to tell you to go spend the time you have left with the people you love; there's only a few hours left you know." The redheaded girl on the right said as she wagged a finger.
"We knew you big guys would be here trying to think even though there's nothing to think about."
"This planet is done for. It's not your decision."
"Neither is it yours!" America shouted.
"Well too bad." The redhead teased.
"We said we would do this since we first met!" the girls laughed.

The TVs went black and the world leaders sat contemplating everything they had ever known. The governments had lied, lied about everything. The lies were thought to protect people from themselves but they just kept pushing it. They should have listened to their mothers when they said that telling lies was bad. That they would get into even more trouble if they lied and mommy found out about it. The choice was to either let the world know the secrets or let them all die ignorant. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

The Leaders were so lucky to have kept one certain secret but now it was about to be known all over the world. Ever since 1947 the bodies were held in private and covered up. They were so mystified at the appearance of them. The first thing they thought of was "Cabbage Patch Kids" by how they grew out of the alien plant-life. The worst decision that could ever be made was to release one of them into human society to "see what happens".

The life of the being went normally until she met a certain redheaded girl. Even then things were fine; this catastrophe came up suddenly and completely unexpected.
The TV screens lit up again with the girls there once more.
"Thought about going home yet?"
America shifted in his seat and spoke, "Aija, Saij, why must you do this?"
"Honestly?"Aija questioned. She grinned and gave a little giggle, "Because we can."
Saij nudged the brunette. "C'mon. We'll miss it if we stay much longer."She waved to the group, "Toodles!"
Blank screens once more. The leaders' heads fell into their palms and they heaved the heavy sigh of defeat.

In a barren field of snow the wind blew mercilessly around two figures. A great rumbling shook the Earth and the ship pierced the atmosphere. The two girls held each others hands in front of their chests and pressed their foreheads together, sharing shivering laughter. The beam from the ship caught the girls and lifted them into the craft.

As the alien ship cruised away from Earth, Aija and Saij stood at one of the windows and looked upon the planet. The chosen asteroid appeared out of the corner of their eyes; everything glowed a yellow-red the moment it touched Earth. As they saw the shock wave go around Aija smiled and Saij's mouth hung open in awe. They held hands in the midst of the destruction.
"I'm so glad we could do this; that you could come with me." Aija confessed. "It's only a few more years until the next 'Ending Celebration', wanna join me?"
"What's next to be ended?"
"Maybe Jupiter." She shrugged.
Saij smiled. "I'll end any world with you."

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