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Burnt chapter 1 scene 1

March 13, 2010
By chaotic_stuff BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Georgia
chaotic_stuff BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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She shivered violently,making her thick white-blond,almost bleach blond,hair fall in twisted strands across her perfect face. the oval shaped white oval,with its almost perfect proportions was gorgeous,but in a way that was decidedly other. Wide gray eyes, absolutely huge, and a pretty mouth that was a delicate shade of pink,and glossy from the sticky, shiny lip gloss she wore were only some of her beautiful features yes. And if u looked that god had been kind enough to bless her with. Sadly, a fierce angular face that was made for intelligent observation,just like her eyes. And if you looked close enough,you could see in the arch of her eyebrows who she used these observances to bring her enemies crashing down,if needed. Luckily, though she loved some people with a fierce and determined heart, loyal to the end. Being one of those few fortunate souls though...that would be tricky.
The lithe thin body finally moved,her lips parting,asking for water. I obligingly did as she wanted, pouring crystal clear water into the her mouth. For a second, she fell back into the depths of her deep slumber that was shielding her from the world. Then, right eye opening before the left, she awoke.

The thick syrupy darkness that had surrounded me for who knows how long relented slowly. Something cool had finally appeased my parched throat, making it ease up on that burning sensation. I looked down,my eyes wandering around, for some weird reason why it felt so soft, and saw something that made me cry. So stupid,such a little thing. So simple, but i had missed its comforting leniency. So, for some weird reason, i finally letting all those pent up saltwater drops leak out of my eyes. AS they silently dropped down my eyes, i started to hiccup.
My breaths each made a loud sound as they came out. I retreat slowly into my shell,as i always do when something emotional that i don't want to face sadly happens. My shell is science, like it always has been. Instead of actually participating in the world,i study it. observe it. To me, the world is a huge mass of equation, as i mentally calculate what is happening in my head,and think of they why behind what is happening. I think of tears. The bodies response to irritation in the seeing organ,they are one of two liquid that the eye is bathed in regularly, the other being nutrient rich. The body uses this liquid to get the eye everything it needs,seeing as it can't get the eye these all essential nutrients the normal way. Ad then i felt a hand patting my back.
He was blurry through my tears,but i still recognize the uniform,he is a security guard. I stop crying,and feel the snick of my "claws" as they come out of my fingers. Two inches when fully extended,these could be dangerous. Made of a titanium alloy,they would be dangerous. Accepted by the body,so that they would be repaired in case they were ever hurt, they would be downright lethal. His eyes widened in shock for a second as he sees what had come out of my digits. Serves him right for catching me unaware, i think as he draws his hand away. still frozen in shock,but backing away, he nervously brays "Now hold on there little missie. I ain't here to hurt you,i only want to help.Those were my orders,and yesiree, do i do follow them!!" The man was older,maybe 60, but his face was had as many creases as a crumpled up piece of paper,and weathered. This was a face that had seen a lot of things. But instead of being closed as a shut book,like mine, this face was more open that a book. But two things worried me. One:open face doesn't mean open mind,as my father used to say. And two: i wasn't completely sure that he was showing me his real emotions. I could see the individual drops of of sweat that had beaded on his upper lip,and the way his hands trembled slightly as he spoke. He might be afraid of me,or he could be lying. It doesn't matter. I need an ally.
i ponder at him for a second. I couldn't turn to outright love, from suspicion so i stared at him for a minute,looking wary. Then i straightened a little, from my hunched up position. I had stayed like this so that at a moments notice i could attack, but to make him trust me i couldn't very well do that,could i? With a small touch of the charisma i used to have i glare at him. Then,in a small voice,i announce my feeling to him. Or at least what he thinks my feeling are. "Okay, you look sorta trustworthy. but,i don't know you,which truthfully scares me. Yet, there is no one else here,so you are all i have. I have to trust you for now. So why am i in this tiny metal room?"
As i say that,i realize it is true. The walls aren't plain old cement, they are metal. And it is small, enough to evoke the long ago memories of the claustrophobia that used to haunt me. I was chasing Daniel... he...fell. I'm not ready to accept that he is dead. So he fell. I feinted, and then i wake up in this bizarre place. Why???? It makes no sense. I was only 20 or so footsteps away from it,but wouldn't it have made more sense for the feds to take me with them,not stick me in the compound that i work at??? As i said, not logical, irrational, there was no way to even guess their reasons.
He looks slightly selfsatisfied as he belts out what he needs to say."Now i need to leave, i have been staying here to long. Now if you look behind you there is a bath room"
I swallow, and look behind me the wall, andwatch as a section in the wall swings open.

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It was fun writng this:)

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