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The Forgotten Curse

March 10, 2010
By miriam SILVER, Skokie, Illinois
miriam SILVER, Skokie, Illinois
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the tears build up behind my eyes yet somehow its my stomach that feels heavy
where my shoulder blades used to be are tiny slits, almost invisible
I've braided and pinned my curls up even they irritate the growth
my wings are coming, and soon I'll be in the skies
I wait at the bus stop staring at the lamp post
a young man approaches it, taps it and I wonder whats wrong with him
"I'm searching for her" he says and I roll my eyes and turn my head
"come with me" he says and I start to walk away
he falls into step beside me and tells me he knows what I am
I listen and he talks and he says his mother was just like me
beautiful and in pain tears waiting behind her eyes
she used to sit in the garden after she thought he went to sleep
cross legged among the forgotten flowers tears running down her face
and then the lines on her back began to form and clear wings would stretch out
she would stand and wipe away the tears and give the night a smile
she would walk to the roses and then lift up into the air
and in the morning when he awoke she would sit and stir her coffee
looking tired and in pain, looking like his mother did
he finished talking and looked at me waiting in the silence
I stepped over a newspaper and saw a page torn from a book
I picked it up and read from it, I read about a fairy
I tore it up and tossed it behind, the tears threatening to spill over
people thought it was a beautiful thing but we knew it was a curse
the kind of curse you just couldn't cry about

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