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Because I Love You (Possible Part 2)

February 21, 2010
By Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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I awoke hoping to feel the cold flesh, I hoped to open my eyes and see his bright shining blue ones.
I expected to hear his musical voice; feel his icy lips touch mine in a tender way and watch him lounge across my bed while waiting for me to get ready.
But fully waking up, my empty arms stung, I taste the bitter isolation as I stare around the room… he was nowhere to be found.
I suddenly realize why he was gone, the sun illuminated my bedroom, the blinding sun peeking shyly threw the creases of my open curtains. I quickly get out of bed and start to search the house.
“Jacob?” I ask confused.
“In the closet, Anna.”
his voice was muffled, I make my way to the hallway closet, closing all the tinted black curtains in the process, and yank the door open while the hinges complain with a loud whine.
There he sat, behind my winter coats. Was Jacob, the good vampire AKA my boyfriend.
“What am I going to do with you?” I chuckle leaning against the door, he hoisted himself up and peeked around the corner, once he saw I concealed the sun, he emerged and dropped down on the couch.
“I almost burned to death!, it was the only room with no windows.” he pulled his shirt over his head to reveal darkened skin across his cream colored, perfectly built back, I whimper sympathetically, the sun ruined a masterpiece.
“shouldn’t that be healed?” I beckon for him to follow me into the bedroom, continuing to close the curtains as I go.
“a sun wound wont heal easy, I’ll probably have to feed a few times and then it’ll patch itself up.” once my room was lit in artificial light, he laid across my bed, resting his cheek in his palm in one of those heart lurching, male model type ways.
“Shouldn’t you be getting ready for school?”
I grimace and glance at the clock on my nightstand; it was still enough time to make it to school, I actually woke up before my alarm woke me up.
“Do I have too?”

He chuckles, like I’ve told some sort of joke “Yes, I believe you have to.”

“glad to know your so eager for me to leave.” I brought forth a pout, knowing before it began that this would be a battle I wouldn’t win. Jacob was very persistent about me continuing with school. I grab a pair of old jeans, some black vans, and a black band shirt and enter the bathroom without his response.
“love, I don’t want you to go anywhere, but you know I cant walk during the day,
I’m not that old, and you cant suddenly start missing school, people will start asking questions.”
Jacob explained to me that the stereo types about vampires were both true and false, they were true because a stake threw the heart and the sun could kill them.
They were false because vampires could cross running water, had reflections, could go weeks without feeding and could be around garlic.
Also because some vampires, once they reached a certain age, could walk in the sun, I think Jacob said it was around the three or four hundreds.
I quickly change and throw my hair into a ponytail, applying some eyeliner.
I was assaulted once walking out; being pinned against my door frame. He pressed his lips to my collar bone.
“Don’t be upset, you know that I would go with you if I could.”
He continued to kiss up my collar bone; lingering for an extra moments at my throat, my jaw and finally to my lips, he placed two soft kisses on both my upper and lower lip.
“I’m not mad,” I quiver under his touch, my body growing warmer by the second.
He releases his hold and me and allows me to grab my backpack, double checking over everything.
“Where’s my-”. he dropped my cell phone into my palm.

“I can find my-” he handed me my white and blue folder that contained my History assignment.

“I think I left my-” he handed me my baseball cap; placing it gracefully on my head, and adjusting my bangs to his satisfaction.
“your all set.” he smiled and placed a soft kiss on my nose.
I start rummaging threw my backpack; it was the most subtle way I could stall time.
When I was assured that my every nick nack in my bag was secure I look up; Jacob was looking threw the tinted curtains, his eyes a distant longing for the sun, like a mouse longing for the eyes of a deadly cobra.
“are you going to be okay?” I ask concerned as I drop my bag by the door, and rest a hand on his shoulder.
He nodded his head and let out a long sigh. “Yeah I’ll be fine.” boy I guess it doesn’t matter if your vampire or human guy, sometimes they just refuse to share their feelings.
I lean forward and brush my lips across his cheek, trying to relax his tense posture.
“I’ll be back as soon as I can.”
He turned to meet my eyes, the blue smoldering into my soul, I stand dazed and unable to speak, I felt as if a large dark cloud covered my mind and eyes, my body goes limp under his stare.

He realizes the phenomenon happening and shook his head, blinking rapidly, concealing blue eyes behind dark lashes, “I’m sorry,” he dropped his eyes “I’m still not used to the whole “I can control your mind but don’t want to’, thing.”
I nod in understanding; my head still swimming, I embrace his cold skin for a moment, using all my self control to break away from him.
“Oh and Jacob.”
He turned to look at me. “You’re stalling…What is it?”

I smile a devious smile and swing my backpack over my shoulder.
“You should go to night school.”
He rolled his eyes. “Very funny, Anna.”
I smile in satisfaction and venture into the day world.

The author's comments:
Okay so i wasn't going to continue this, But BRITTANY HALE Is a good friend of mine and she absolutely loves it!. So i'm considering trying to continue this as far as i can. I think this chapter is patchy and needs work but i'm kinda working on 3 other ones at the moment so i can't really focus all the way.
What do you think?
To Continue Or Not To Continue?

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It's cute in that vampiry sort of way! Haha!(: Good job!


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