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The Forgotten Tail of Distruction (Part Three)

February 17, 2010
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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These three great fighters set sail with the supplies they would need and started their journey to the great lands of the Blood Dragon Pyros. They faced many dangers along the way, fighting the dreaded Semnae, gruesome creatures that appear like humans yet have wings and claws and hooked beaks. They also fought the ghouls; nasty, hairless, disgusting creatures with claws and black teeth that do nothing but fight amongst each other and kill for food. And there were still many others.
Three days into their journey, they anchored on a small but eery looking island. The trees were barren of leaves and all was covered by a thick unmoving fog. They watched out for themselves and were careful to keep quiet and close to the ship.
Xaven went out to explore, looking for food and to see what this island held, if any life at all, when he was attacked by Semnae. Hearing his screams, Bael and Leonardo came rushing to his aid, but by the time they reached him there was nothing but blood and scattered white bones that these creatures were gnawing and feasting upon and one of them dead. Disgusted and in anguish for the lost comrade, the two rushed to the ship and quickly left the island, hoping their friend found his peace.
On the sixth day, they reached their goal, anchoring on the land of the Great Blood Dragon Pyros. They were noticed immediately, but were unaware of who saw them as the two cautiously set foot upon shore and started moving inland. They made camp in a small meadow that had a stream bubbling at its edge and game plentiful in the forest.
That night, Bael decided to sleep under a tree, a little ways away from Leonardo to give him some privacy and room. They didn’t get along much, which was a problem for these two companions. Bael was soon asleep and Leonardo was drifting into it when they were bombarded with loud shrieks and roars and the crashing of trees. About a dozen ghouls attacked them all at once. Bael was instantly up and defending himself, any ghouls that got too close were ripped in two and severed limbs lay around him. Leonardo was having less fortune. Most of the ghouls had surrounded him and were clawing out at him and cutting at him. He couldn’t keep them all away and soon he was overcome. Bael could do nothing to help him as the ghouls tore into his flesh, eating him alive. When they were finished and had their fill they left, running out into the darkness.

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