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The Forgotten Tail of Distruction (Part Two)

February 17, 2010
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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Bael stood well over seven feet tall. He had tangled black hair just above his shoulders. His ears, pierced with loop rings of a black unknown metal. He wore some dark red leather pants that were connected to his waist by twelve metal rings all the way around his waist. Instead of hands there were bloody bandaged, vastly, large claws with a wicked curve to them. Upon his back were large, six-clawed wing-like limbs and he had a four spiked tail. He was very well built and muscular and healthy, the aura around him telling all that were around him to stay away.

Earlier that day, Demetri’s psyche had foretold him of one coming to bring his death and to watch carefully for the sign that danger was around them. Demetri, furious of this discovery stormed out of his castle and down into the small town that was Zenthus. The towns’ people watched him but made no other notice as they went along with their daily routines. Demetri noticed Bael walking down the street, that dark aura of danger surrounding him. Thinking this to be the bringer of his end, Demetri approached the being and spoke.

“Who are you sir, and pray tell what business do you have in Zenthus?”

Bael gazed at Demetri with his dark blue, brooding eyes and replied in a low voice, “Demetri…my brother it is I, Bael, who has come to reclaim the stolen land from the thief which unrightfully took it...”

Demetri, seemingly outraged, ordered his men to bring Bael to his kingdom where he went to confront his brother, “Well if you are who you say you are then you must do a task for me and this kingdom shall be yours. Go to the far lands of the south…to the lands of the dragons…and bring me the Great Ruby Eye of the Blood Dragon Pyros.”

Knowing that Bael was a young and strong demon, Demetri knew he wouldn’t refuse. Bael smirked darkly at him, “I accept this…this little challenge of yours.” Turning, Bael left the castle and was back on his ship.
Others had heard of this great journey and wished to join him. There was the mighty warrior Xaven who had armor of black bubbling mass. His helm was that of a great black dragon. He carried with him a mighty sword whose blade danced with blue fire. There was also Leonardo Crow, the powerful vampire of the north, with seeming great strength and speed and untold powers, who came to set sail with Bael.

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