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Lynx and Him

February 2, 2010
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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Lynxs' eyes sweep across the was back, all the trees, all the plants. The craters gone, the lakes' water restored. Everything was back to normal...yet it remained quiet..everything still and unmoving. It was as if time itself were holing its breath...waiting for something to happen. Her eyes turned to the sky, watching the stars play off the bright full moon. Dazzling and shining with briliance.The moon itself was glowing, ruling the black night skies, shining for all to see how unafraid it was. She smiled as a breeze blew through her hair, scattering over her face and covering her eyes. The leaves in the trees ruslted and the trees themselves swayed lightly. Her lips curved into a smile as she listened intently, the sound of tredding feet in the distance. With a soft chuckle Lynx was heading towards the sounds of walking feet in an instant, knowing fun would be just around the corner. She silently snaked through the trees, running past the branches and roots without so much as making them rustle. Eventually she climbed into the trees and started jumping from tree limb to tree limb, stopping above these invaders. Looking down at them, she noticed they were hunters…Vampire Hunters. Her eyes flshed with mischief. This was going to be fun. She could feel her hunger stirring within, wanting to come out, wanting to take control. She was tempted to let it, these hunters had no business being here. But they didn’t smell like ordinary hunters at all. So who were they, and why were they in her forest? In all there were at least a dozen of them. They were dressed lightly yet it looked like body suits. Each having their own idividual design of some sort across the breast plates. They each seemed to have their own color to go with the black body suits. There were greens, reds, purples, oranges, tans, and blues. They began to set up a camp, first overlooking the surrounding area before setting up tents and setting traps around them. They make a fire and put meat over it, a kill they must have made earlier that day. As the temperature dropped the men started gathering around the fire to eat and chat and make plans. She was close enough to hear what they were talking about but had no interest in what they were saying. What had her attention was one hunter that was seperated from the others. He was leaning against a tree with sword in lap. She could ell he was awake but she wasn’t sure what he was doing or why he seemed to be alone and away from the others.

Bael unaware of the presence of any strange beings decided to make another one of his flashy entrances, this time he was proceeded by a horrid cacaphony of a strange and maddening tune, that seemed o be emitted from an insturment simmilar to a flute, this flute was soon joined by thousands more ,this time the sky cracked as bael began his descent from the blasphemous realms which he wandered, the realms of immaginarie numbers, of impossibilities and of horrid writhing creatures whosnames were lost when the last time line began, the one that preceded this time line, one of the infinite possibilities that a single time line in the fith dimension could take, the sky cracked more the horrored noise that it roduced nearly drouned out the sound of the flutes, and when bael finaly shttered a hole in the sky and began his full desent into the forest, the creatures playing the flutes stpped and began to scream and cry out in a voice and manner that no human vocal organ could create

All at once the hunters were up, weapons in hands by any means. Each in a hostile stance while listening to the sounds of the dreadful flutes. The only one that remained still was that lone hunter. The rest were restless and looking around, trying to find the source of the sound, yet none of them moved. Their features remained as calm and still as when they first appeared. Lynx was looking into the sky, feeling the presence of Bael. With him being here, things could get messy or worse. But that didn’t seem to bother her too much. Her eyes scanned the skies until she spotted him shattering through the sky itself, hearing the screams and cries of some unknown thing to her. The hunters were handling the situation quite well, seeming unaffected except for the fact that they could hear it. She only smirked and silply watched as Bael made his way down into the forest…hopefully he wouldn’t destroy it this time.

Bael held his usual objects the candle whos light is shadow and the dead star, corruption dripping from his six mouths as they gibbered and cawed in unknown and dead languages, his sevinth mouth sealed with hwat looked like stitches it only quiverd and ocassionaly some of the black corrupptin would bubble out of the corner of it, this horrific being of seven feet towered over the small saplings its think lanky stature unherrolding of the horrid strength it posesed, bael stood slowly taking in his surroundings trying to get his exact bearing in the forest,still being semi new to the area its eyes scanning for any sign of life any slight movement that might give away the presence of either his lover or one of her friends, it wasnt long befor the cosmic horror grew tired of holding its objects and dropped then though they never hit the ground, for they could only exist in the blasphemous dimensions of space time where untol horrors wait beyond the walls of reality, and he sat the beast waited for something, somone to come and find the source of all that had happend.

Now completely forgetting about the hunters, Lynx silently moved through the trees, staying out of sight from them as she moved towards Bael. As always she was wearing a black loin cloth that came down to her thighs as well as a black fur piece that covered her breasts. She also wore belt, having a few things tied to it any nothing more. She was bare foot as always and her hair as wild as her spirit seemed to always be. The twisted and horrifying creature that was Bael held no such feelings within her heart. He didn’t seem that frightening or terrifying to her ever. She loved him, and though well aware of what he was, she didn’t care. It only a few more minutes, she would be in front of him. She smiled, eyes bright with life and excitement as well as mischief. She always had plenty of that. As she neared him she jumped off the branch of one of the trees, grasping another with her hand and swinging herself to land in front of Bael, bending her knees to take the impact of the landing. Straightening once more she grinned up at him, her voice just as full of mischief a her eyes, “Well hello there Bael.”

It was quite over near the very fringes of the forest. Several miles away from were the hunters were posted. A hut, which seemed to be made out of beach wood and Palm trees, held the life of a lone humanoid. Brown skin, hair very long and braided down to his mid-back, and surrounded with gear for fishing. He lay in a hammock built with palm fronds and fishing lure and wore just a vest and long shorts that went to his knees. He lay asleep, his cathc from ealier that day hung to be sun-dried and his equipment laying under him. He snoozed almost soundlessly till a booming noise could be heard from within the forest. He, shocked by the noise fell from the hammack and looked from his make shift window as a being seemed to descend from no where. He couldn't see just what it was but it looked far more interesting than his eyelids from his nap. He grabbed his nearest thing that could be used as a weapon: A skinnning knife and headed into the forest to see what this thing was.

THe gibbering and cawing of the six mouths seemed to come together in the six voices that they were and spoke in what seemed to be engilsh though it was mocking of the language and horribly broken and dark "hGelow MchY dear Lynx" one of the mouths smilled, the gibbering cawing drifted back tonormal once the creaure was done speaking to its intended target, this was the nature of Bael, he was a cosmic horror the voices that spoke, were destined to speak untill the day the seventh mouth must be oppend, and it would only open to sing the song that would end the earth,the bubbleing corruption dripping from his mouths spattered on the ground as the mouths gaped and formend sylables and maid noises that were not wholy made from vocal chords or any other recognisable body part, bael eyes though were locked on the girl, the one thing in any place ever that held any true meaning to him other than his thirst for corrupted power.

Her heart fluttered and seeing Bael made her body tingle with warmth. Many would say she was insane, crazy, and completely possessed to be near, or to even love such a thing as he. Though a few beings had argued that she leave him, she waved their voices away. She wanted nothing more than to be with this creature, this being. To her he wasn’t a creature of corruption, the bringer of death to this world. He was someone she loved and cared deeply for…and nothing was going to change how she felt. Her smile widened as he spoke, a small giggle escaping her lips as she watched te bubbling corruption drip to the ground, “My my, already making a mess for me to clean, aren’t we?” she spoke teasingly none-the-less.

The man ran through the forest at a reckless speed, crashing through the brush and foilage like mad to see what this creature was that made such a commotion. he was a maile out as he heared sevearl voices seeming to come out at once. It was beyond eerie as he made his way through the brush. he gripped his knife in hand and used his free hand to make quick movements around trees and trunks. It was winding and tiresome as he travled but once he stopped, he was in visible range of the being, be he could also see another, unable to make it out. "Just....just what is that thing..." he said as he lessened the grip.

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