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Crown Of Vines

February 6, 2010
By theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
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"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" I said to myself. If this wire didn't break, it was going to be the death of me. I bent it one more time and it snapped apart. "YES!" I said maybe a little too loud.
I turn around to see Daniel about to punch me. I jump into the air flipping over him I shoot a black vine at him from my hand and he dodges it neatly.
"Oh crap." I say. I was stuck in another of those annoying time lapses again. Suspended-not completely frozen-in mid air, he shot a green vine out of his hand and it wrapped itself around my waist.
He started extracting my energy and strength.It was a pleasureable feeling. Like I was going to be hypnotized into this dark sweetness for an un-ending amount of time.
He pulled me down to the floor and the time lapse ended and I went limp in his arms. I was as good as a talking rag doll now. He stroked my hair.
"I thought you were supposed to help me." I say feeling weak and vulnerable.
"I have to do this. I don't want to hurt you but I have to save Crown Of Vines." I could feel one of his tears on my cheek. "I love you." He says and kisses me lightly. Then I fall under, completely engulfed in the darkness. I can feel my eyes go blank.
I go completly limp in his arms and he sets me laying on the ground gently forcing my hand open to get the wire. And for no apparent reason a tear slips down my cheek and falls to the floor. And Candy and I will never get back home.

The author's comments:
This piece is about a girl named Jewl who is transported to another dimension-along with her little sister Candy-by a little girl ghost. And there's this wire that can grant any wish as long as it's given to the Crown Of Vines Dragon. A powerful being that controls where people travel between dimensions. But there's a catch. The little girl ghost's powers were slightly stronger than the others that made a huge time lapse that upset the Dragon, and if Jewl and Candy are to go anywhere, they'll have to choose to live, or to keep this vine filled fantasy within the natural order of the Dragon.

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on Feb. 25 2010 at 8:24 pm
theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
17 articles 0 photos 12 comments

Favorite Quote:
Just because it's green doesn't mean it's edible!!!!

Yeah I am. I've started the story as much to have a giant beginning. So far so good. I will post more but it's gonna take a little while. I also write poetry if you wanna check it out.

on Feb. 17 2010 at 11:47 am
alchive PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
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The best cure for writer's block write

Are you going to write/post more. I'm definatly interested, but putting the story in the side column dosen't count as actually writing it