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Amusement Parks, 9-11, and a Crazy Man

January 18, 2010
By YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
YoureCrazy GOLD, Loveland, Colorado
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NOTE :This is something I had to do for one of my classes. The prompt was to write something about a time machine going in the future and past.

I'm Ashely Garro. The thing I'm holding in my hands is a time machine. I know you're probably laughing right now, but it's real. I foung this thing on Ebay, bought it, and tried it and it worked. Here, I'll tell you some more.

So, as I was saying, I searched Ebay. I tyrped in "Time Machine." There was 1 search result. I clicked on it and looked at the price. $1 thousand dollars. Rip off, I thought to myself. I checked the time and it was midnight. Time to go to bed. Early day tomarrow, I thought and went to bed.

I banged on my clock. 7:00am. I rolled out of bed and got changed. My phone went off.

"Hello?" I ask, picking up my phone.

"Uh, hi! You won the time machine the was on Ebay!" A shrill voice came.


" You won the time machine." The voice says back clearly annoyed.

"I didn't even buy that thing." The phone clicks off. I frowned and checked caller I.D.. That's strange. It didn't even have one. I shrug and hang up it. It rings again.

"What now?" I ask myself. " Hello?"

"Uh, yeah, so as I was say-"

" Who are you?" I ask the person.

" No one." I hang up and look at the number and press redial.

" Hel-" A male voice comes through.

" Oh, um, someone was prank calling me and I pressed redial to see-"

" Desdemona!"

" Yes, daddy?" The same voice that called me said.

" Did you try and prank call this person?"

" No... I just said that she won the contest for the time machine I selled on Ebay." Desdemona said.

"Oh." Then he said back to me, " She was doing a contest-"

" But I didn't sign up." I said

"Um, weriod. Well, sorry for the inconvenence."

" No problem." I hung up and went downstairs to get some breakfast. The doorbell rung and I went to get it.

" Yes?" I asked the delivery person.

" Hi. I'm here so you can claim your prize. " He held the signature thing out to me. I signed it. " Thank you and have a nice day." He gave me a box. I closed the door and opened the box. Inside was a metal box with a door on it and on the side was an antenne. I placed it on the floor and set it to 2015 and stepped inside. I came out the door.

" Wow," I exclaimed. The sky was a blue I haven't seen before. In front of me was a skyscraper made of only glass. I turned around and noticed I was standing in the middle of a highway. "GAH!" I shouted and ran to the other side without getting hit. Over there was an amusement park. "Where am I?" I asked myself. I walked over to the amusement park to ask for help. " Um, excuse me?!?" I yelled over the noise. The man turned to me and smiled. I jumped back. It was the same person that gave me the time machine.

" Yes?" He asked.

" Where am I?"

" You are in, " he leaned in closer to me and whispered, " the middle of nowhere." I turned around and ran, screaming. I got to a hotel, steppped inside, and went to the front desk. The girl that was at the front desk turned around and a sign of recognition passed over her featured when she saw me.

" Ashely?" She asked. I looked at her, confused. " It's me, you, whatever." I'm still confused.

" Me?" I asked.

Yeah, I'm you, in the future." Future Me said.

" Oh, well, I need to go now." I said stepping back and ran back to my time machine before Future Me could say anything. I set my time machine to 2001 and stepped inside.

I stepped out of the time machinr and then jumped. In front of me were big bold letters saying:

Between your birth and death

there will always be something

waiting for you.

Some kind of riddle, I think, or poem. I don't know. I could feel rumbling in the ground and turned around. " AAHH!" I screamed. 9-11. Great. That's probably what the riddle meant. I felt a tear streaming down my cheak and brushed it quickly away. I set the time machine back to 2010. Here we go home, I thought and stepped inside.

I came out of the time machine. The man the gave me the thing was there standing right in front of me

" O.K. What do you want?" I asked. He smiled half-way.

" Nothing." He said simpily.

" STALKER! " I screamed in his face.

" No. I am Goosewing." He said slowly. I looked at him up and down. He's crazy, I thought.

" Get out." I hissed. He shruged and walked out the door. I slammed the door in his face and locked it. Then, I went back upstairs and fell asleep.

Yes, yes. I know that story sounded crazy, but it's true. Here's Goosewing to prove it to you. As it turns out, Goosewing is/ was the creator of the time machine. He was born 700 B.C. and died 615 B.C. He used this tool to go into the future and see what it would be like. Unfourtionitly, he died when there was a major malfunction in the time machine and this blew up. I'm Ashely Garro, reporting in Loveland, CO, hope you enjoyed.

The author's comments:
The name thats in there isn't mine but thats were I live...

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