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The Problems of Being Royal

January 15, 2010
By ShyeGirlBeth GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
ShyeGirlBeth GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
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My journey began when I was born. I am the princess of Lain, a small country south of France. We are unknown to most of the world, but I am in as much danger as the queen of Britain. My father died in battle when I was only four. And my mother never remarried. I will soon be the queen of Lain, but first I must start acting like it, sometimes I just want to be a normal teenager, but I know I will never be. But I did come close to it once, this is my story…

“Mornin’ princess, it’s high time you get up en ready for the town gatherin’.” The maid drawled back the silk curtains and a beam of light shined into my squinting eyes. “The queen says ya must be ready by seven and you still have your classes to get to. Your very lucky princess, you get to learn how ta be all educate and talk all fancy like.” Jennifer was never able to go to school when she was little, she had to stay home and take care of her ill mother. I have offered to teach her proper grammar but every time I bring it up, she just turns always and says; “Now you of all people knows how things go ‘round here. I’m the uneducated maid, and you’re the fabulous princess. Your not to lift a finger, and your not to tech anyone of us how to speak all fancy like. Maids aren’t s’posed to be educated, and we ain’t gonna argue ‘bout it no more.” And every time we would go through the same routine, she always won the argument.
I just laid there in bed; I didn’t feel like getting up. Why could I never sleep in until noon? I asked it all the time, “Why can’t I ever just be a regular teenager?” the answer was always the same. “Because you’re not, your special and it is something you have to deal with because you are a princess.” It’s not like I asked to be a princess, and it’s not like I have a choice, with my mother growing weaker, and my father gone, I will have to take the throne, and I must be prepared. Jennifer pulled my covers off of me, and I sat up looking at her cheery face. “Time to rise, lessons start in half an hour.” She gently patted my head and rushed out to go fetch my breakfast. I got up and walked into my closet. I had dozens of dresses and shoes and jewelry, but the one thing I wanted wasn’t in there. I wanted blue jeans, blue jeans and a tee shirt. So many of the people wear them in magazines, so why couldn’t I wear them too? But alas, the only pants I had were the ones I wore during my daily ride around the castle trails. I had just finished getting dressed in my fluffy pink dress and matching heels when Jennifer came in with my breakfast, two eggs sunny side up, three pieces of our finest bacon, and freshly made toast, all served on a silver platter with a matching tea glass. Just once I wished to have pop tarts or cereal. I sat down at my large makeup table and took a sip of my tea. Every day I would eat breakfast at this table while Jennifer brushed my long brown hair. I have personally always wanted to have my hair short, but as a princess you are to either have it in a braid going down your back, or tied up in an elegant bun. Today I was having it in a bun. I didn’t eat much, and Jennifer noticed that something was wrong. “What’s the trouble princess? Are the eggs not to your likin’?” I sighed. “No, the eggs are fine Jennifer; everything is perfect, as usual.” She looked at me through the mirror. “Then what’s the problem?” she asked, as she began to do my makeup. “I don’t want to go to the gathering. We all know that this isn’t just a regular town gathering, were welcoming Sir Robert Siling into our castle.” She gave a quick smile. “And what’s so wrong with that me lady?” I turned my head and looked up at her in amazement and anger. “What’s wrong with that?! How could you even ask that question, you’ve seen the way that ghastly old man looks at me. He is sinister and vile and absolutely repulsive!” she turned my head around to finish my makeup. “Now, now, I bet he ain’t so bad, once you get to know ‘em.” I stood up and began to yell. “Once I get to know him. Well let me tell you that old lug wants to get to ‘know’ me, but let me be the first to break it to him, he will have to keep his slimy hands away from me!” Jennifer sat me down, she looked deep into my eyes, “Now, listen carefully, you and your mother are in desperate need of having this man at the castle.”

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Enjoy, and comment on how it is so far.

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on Feb. 5 2010 at 12:01 pm
Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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I like this. You're a really talented writer. :)

Return some of the love of some of my work please?

on Feb. 4 2010 at 11:38 am
alchive PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
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good so far. i can see the train of thought well, and it follows the outline for this story's early problems, but from the start you added your own flavor! keep going!