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December 3, 2009
By OMGitsCHARLAY GOLD, Canton, New York
OMGitsCHARLAY GOLD, Canton, New York
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The day of my test, I was so nervous I could cry. My alarm went off at five in the morning, and I just wanted to slap my hand down on the snooze button. I sat up though, despite my violent urges. I had to prepare for the day before me. I stood from the bed, after a long stretch and a lot of debate, and slid my feet into the pair of silver flip flops on the concrete floor. I could still feel the chill of the floor, but it did not bother me as I moved to the tall dresser in the corner of my room. (Even though I really could not call it a room. It was more of a cubby off to the side of the kitchen.) The dry cleaner bag was still hanging on the dresser door, exactly where I had left it last night. I hesitated a moment before unzipping it, having to take a few deep breaths beforehand. I grimaced a bit when I looked at the red velvet tunic dress beyond the plastic. The outfit was horrifying, but I had to wear it, all of us did. I shook my head before I stalked into the bathroom. It was about time I actually got something done, like my hair. So I ran my brush through it a couple of times before grabbing the straighter. It took a few moments for it to heat up, but when it was ready my hair was flat in no time. After that was the hard part though. I opened the red drawer in the bathroom cabinet, pulling out a velvet box. Opening it up, I pulled out the silver circlet from it, holding it in the air for a moment before skillfully weaving it into my hair so the ruby droplet was at the center of my forehead. Of course, it kind of blended with the red highlights in my chestnut colored hair. I was satisfied though, so I went back into my room with a huff. I rid myself of the itchy nightgown I was wearing before going over to my closet. I pulled the dress from the bag and slid it over my head. It actually felt nice, but it did nothing for me. My glasses would be weird, but mother said that the portal will help my vision, or I could just act if I was blind. Finally I smoothed out the dress and looked at myself in the mirror. I was nothing special; I did not know why I had to do this, even though my sisters were doing it as well. I sighed as I stared at my almost purple-blue eyes behind my thin rimmed glasses, the slightly bulky figure under the dress, and the circlet weaved into my odd colored hair. I would never fit in where we were going. “Lacie?” I jumped at the sound of knocking at my door followed by the soft voice of my twin sister. I regained composure though, before walking to the small door I had, opening it. She looked just like me, only better somehow. The blue velvet dress she wore accentuated her figure, and the silver and blue circlet in her hair just made her silver eyes look brighter. Though, I could not help but notice the worry etched on her face. “Tiana’s not in her bed.” Of course, that did not surprise me at all; Tiana had a way of running off.

“Alikka, don’t worry about it. I’m sure she’s just getting ready.” I said with a sigh, trying to sound convincing for my overly worried twin. I lifted a hand then, running a hand through my hair. Of course, it messed up my circlet, and Alikka took it upon herself to fix it for me, which almost made it worse until she actually got it right. At least she stopped worrying about Tiana. Though now I was the one worried about her. “You’re right, we should go find-“I was cut off when the onyx haired trouble-maker I was about to mention stepped behind Alikka, and into my room.

“Good. You two are already dressed. Mother said it’s almost time.” Alikka was not happy about the little message our older sister gave us. She was far from ready, and she knew it. She had skipped training sessions, missed lessons, and just all around did not want to do this. She knew what would happen if our goals were not accomplished, though. She could be exiled, banished, just like any of us could be. “Come on.” Tiana was almost mad, which was unlike her, I guess it was from all of the stress. I gave the quickest nod I could muster before ushering Alikka and Tiana out of my room. My hand was shaking as I secured my room for when I returned, even more so when I placed my hand on Alikka’s shoulder to calm her down. Let us just say that it did not work. We went to the living room together though, our heads held high. We were not surprised to see my mother and the baby in a rocking chair in front of the large portrait by the fireplace. What did surprise us, were the four other in the room, all dressed like us, minus the males of course.

“Tiana, Lacie, Alikka. You have been chosen to fulfill your destinies, continue a legacy, and save the world. You won’t be doing so alone though. It takes more than three to protect and serve, so I have gathered four others who I believe are capable of aiding you.” She stood from the chair then, setting the baby in her bassinette before stepping towards us. “All of you have the same goal. Get out alive, and remain in your families.” Mother moved to Tiana then, who was starting the long line of us kids. “Tiana, my sweet girl. You will act as leader of this group. Your courage will bring them strength. Welcome, Agent Merridian.” She spoke the words loudly, filling them with power before grabbing a large box from her pocket. She pulled a gold necklace, a minx pendant with amber eyes hanging from it, and placed it over my sister’s head. I was next. I was shaking. I did not want this, but I knew I had to do it, for the family, and for the world. It was a big job, but hey, someone had to do it. “My darling Lacie. If anything should happen to your sister, you will rise up as leader and take on her duties.” She pulled another necklace out then, this time, a silver swan hung from it, its eyes a deep ruby color. “Welcome, Agent Ambrosia.” I could not help myself then, from reaching down and running my fingers over the smooth surface of the pendent, sighing from its comfort. “Little Alikka.” I turned my head to watch my mother, finally snapped out of my little trance. “Keep track of your sisters and comrades, your natural healing skills will come in handy.” She then placed the deep silver amulet around Alikka’s neck, a delicate fox pendant with shining sapphire eyes hanging by her throat. “Welcome, Agent Effillas.” My sister did not look amused, but Tiana and I could not help but snicker under our breaths to each other. Alikka had always hated the Kingsfoil weed, and now she was being named after it, what an odd world. “Daina, your mother used to speak highly of you.” I leaned forward, straining my head to see who my mother was talking to. She was a tall girl, but she was shorter than my sisters and I. She had blonde hair that was cut like a boys, and it definitely clashed with the dark green tunic and brown breeches she wore. She would be a difficult one. “Welcome, Agent Wildcat.” Mother then dropped a gold necklace around the girl’s neck, the heavy panther pendant with emerald eyes, disappeared under the tunic when she stood straight. Mother moved to the male now. I could not help but shiver a bit when I turned my head to see him better. His eyes were an odd color, almost matching the pale yellow tunic he wore under the brown vest.

The author's comments:
This is only a little part of something I started to write a while ago. It might be a little suck-ish right now but bear with me.

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