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October 22, 2009
By CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
CrowOfRuination PLATINUM, Lawrence, Kansas
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It was dark; a foul smell filled the air. I couldn’t see anything. I was wet wherever I was as I groped around, feeling my way along some sort of tunnel or cave. I could still hear the sound on dripping water…or was it water? My mind lost in a fog, I couldn’t focus, only the continued feeling to keep moving drove me onward. Where was I? What was happening and how did I even get here? It was all so strange, I couldn’t think at all. But something deep within me drove me on and on. Did this darkness ever end? Where was it leading me to? Was it possible to even escape this dreadful place? I walked on and on until something stopped me dead in my tracks.

The sound made my blood turn to ice and sent wave after wave of chills over my entire body. It was close…very close. Was it in front of me or behind me? I couldn’t tell from its echoing sound. The loud grating and grinding of metal against stone along with the dragging of feet along the ground. Each step was a small splash closer and closer to me.

My heart rate accelerated in an instant. I still couldn’t see and I was numb all over. I knew if I stayed were I was I would be in danger, but I had no idea if I would be safe going forward or turning around. Unable to control myself, I turned and ran for my life, holding my hands out in front of me to feel my way along. I was gasping for breath and felt my legs shaking as I ran. I couldn’t go on much further, but the grating sound was getting louder. Was I moving towards it, or was it catching up to me?

I ran on and on without knowing how long it had been when something caught my right foot and I went sprawling on the ground. The whole front of my body was covered in water, or at least what I hoped was water, and left me shaking and shivering in confusion and bewilderment. The cold against my face shocked me out of the foggy haze. I pushed away from the middle of the tunnel and pressed against the side, curling up to that my knees pressed against my chin.

The sound was even closer. It sounded as if whatever was in the darkness was only yards away. My heart was pounding loudly as sweat dripped down my brow. I could suddenly smell something worse than the stench already in the air. Covering my mouth to stop the gagging I could see a darker figure against the blackness.

It was very tall, well over fifteen feet. That meant this tunnel was very big, and left a lot of room between me and it. Something red began glowing, it looked like its eyes. They were large and round. In its gruesome claws it held a large katana covered in blood. It looked very sharp despite it being dragged along the ground. I could hear it breathing…and staring at me.

I woke from sleeping with a cold sweat over my body. I was panting heavily and my eyes were wide. I quickly laid my head back on the pillow. It was just a dream…a silly nightmare. I smiled and shook my head, chuckling a bit at myself. Sighing I noticed my window was open. Getting out of bed I walk over to it and close it then lock it. I start walking back to my bed when I hear something that makes my heart stop in my chest.

Something was breathing…it was coming form the corner of my room, in the darkest corner. As I turn the light on I see a large figure that looks like a man, but his skin looked dead and his eyes were too big for his head. His mouth was also too big as he smiled at me, exposing a lot of sharp needle-like teeth. He lifts up a bloody katana and walks towards me.

As I press myself against the wall I hear him speak in a low and dark voice, “You think you can escape your fear? I am exactly that. I am what goes bump in the night, the thing that makes your skin crawl, the shivers going up and down your spine. I am what turns your blood cold; I am what makes your heart stop. Lucifer himself will not dare defy or even think about me. I am everything you are afraid of, everything you hate, everything you never wish to feel or imagine. I am….Fear” it was the last thing I ever heard before he slit my throat and watched my life’s blood spill to the floor.

The author's comments:
This is the nightmare I had lastnight.

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