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Minder's Liberation (part two)

November 1, 2009
By Arluanna PLATINUM, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Arluanna PLATINUM, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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-Phil, the youngest Kalins Uzin

Shh, the man reminded again, rubbing his neck. Just think what you want me to hear, and I’ll hear it. We can’t speak freely; this cell is bugged for mouth-speaking. And duck down, the guard will be here in a moment to check out the noise. Even his thoughts were amazed.

I have a better idea, Eve thought hesitantly, staring at the man. He nodded in confirmation, reading the half-formed plan from her thoughts. He grinned, guessing where she was going, and motioned to her to follow him. They stepped carefully over the sleeping forms of the Minders toward the door. Eve quickly got on one side and the man—

—Adam got on the other. And not a moment too soon; the guard’s footsteps were insistent as he reached the door. Adam and Eve waited with bated breath as they listened to him stop and the jangling of keys. Finally, the door opened, sending in dim light to the near darkness of the cell.
“Wha—” the guard began, and then Adam lunged outside, grabbed the guard’s arm and jerked him inside. Before he could recover, Eve grabbed the guard’s head and smashed it against the wall. He fell, unconscious. Eve quickly pushed her foot against the closing door, then grabbed the guard’s hand and jammed his fingers in the door.
Nice touch, Adam thought, smirking. He was still mysteriously joyful, and he must have read the confusion in her thoughts.
You are the first Minder who has been able to think independently, like me. Everyone else is like a zombie. The army or dictators control their every movement, and they have no free will. They can feed and water themselves, take care of basic needs, but anything beyond that is ordered. I’ve been so alone.
Is there a way to fix them?
I have tried, but I cannot find a permanent fix that I have the power to do. You, however, probably could, since your mind is so much stronger than mine. The eagerness in his mind was palpable. I could try to show you, but it’s very complicated… could I take over your mind for a moment and guide you through the steps?
For a moment shock crossed her face and mind. How could he go asking her to do something like this when so much had happened? But then she realized, she was in a prison for resistors in a war that had never been hers, held by people who continued their charade of a Republic that was really a dictatorship! She felt a hysterical giggle escape from her as she accepted the enormity of her hardship.
Adam waited patiently though all of this, busying himself by peering out the open door to give her some privacy. Then he searched the guard, taking his keys.
All right, she thought to him, do it.
He gently probed her mind for a moment, and then tried to take control. She felt his benevolent intentions, and had no fear. But all of a sudden his presence vanished, and he fell to the floor.
“Ada”—I mean, Adam! Are you okay? She thought urgently. He moved, groaning as he did so.
Feels like I’ve been Tasered! Amazing! But I’ve been worse… You are much stronger than I am. Your mind rejected my mind, and the experience has exacted a toll on me… But no worry, no permanent harm done. I’ll recover in a few moments.
She helped him up. “Wha…” What are the extents of our powers?
We can control other people’s minds, whether they’ve had the surgery done or not. But we can only communicate with people who’ve had the surgery completed. That’s how I know you’ve had the surgery done, and why I don’t think you’re an imposter. It’s refreshing, really… I was here for two years before they finally decided that I would never consent to the surgery and they decided to rape my mind. That’s what I call it, anyway, when they do the surgery without being allowed to. It fits, don’t you think?
Yes, it does. Mind rape. Ugh. But what do we do? How do we wake up the Minders now? I don’t know enough about them to find out how to. I don’t know enough about any of this to do anything!
No idea, he thought as he walked down the hall. His thoughts became distant as he walked, as if he stood twenty feet away. But I do know this: We need to get out of here, and we’ll need light to do that. I haven’t seen a good light bulb in years… come to mention it, I really miss the sun.
Where are you? Where’d you disappear to?
Just down the hall. Looking for a light switch. Ah, here’s something! A few moments later, the hallway flooded with light. Eve stood in the doorway, her silhouette making her seem like the Angel of Death.
And God said…
…let there be light, Eve finished, smiling. Then, on an impulse, she turned to the prisoners. She stared at them where they stood or sat, keeping still. They seemed to be paying attention to something, like Eve’s conversation with Adam had wakened them a bit.
Adam. Come here. I want to try something. Go stand on the far wall where you found me.
To your right a little… there! Now, think of something.
Like what?
Just think of something!
Fat Cats Go Down Alleys Eating Bread. My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizza Pies. Roy G. Bv. A and B the C of D.
Stop… it’s not working. I thought that if the Minders heard us thinking to each other they might wake up, but I see it’s not like that. And thanks for those… that was entertaining. Reminded me of when I played piano and played The Planets. You know, Mars, Jupiter, all of those songs?
Are you actually able to remember these things?
“Y—” Yeah… can’t you?
No. The thing they inject us with is an enhancer and a virus all in one. It attacks the part of the brain that stores memories to remove any former loyalties. It also strengthens the part of the brain that is aware of other minds.
Oh. I guess that kind of makes sense.
Yeah. By the way, I have an idea. He hastily showed her his intentions.
Wait… just probe them to make them aware, and then open my mind to them?
Yeah! Give it a try, go on!
Eve hesitantly turned to the other Minders. Come. I see the truth! Follow me to freedom… if you can. Then she opened her mind to all the stirring Minders. Mindlessly, they explored, probing her mind. She showed them gently how everything connected, how the mind worked. They quickly applied it to themselves, and in less than five minutes the Minders were standing up, gazing at her in wonder. She grinned.
Come on, she thought as she stepped out into the hallway where Adam now waited. And they did. In moments, the first people were through. When the trickle of people stopped, Eve looked into the room to see if anyone hadn’t come. Three were huddled in one corner, as if for protection. Eve walked over to them, smiling as she went.
Hello. Are you ready to leave this place? She asked them. They didn’t stir. Then Eve realized with horror that they were dead. She quickly backed from the room, working hard not to retch.

The author's comments:
This is not the whole story, on account of Teenink's character limit. This story was inspired by Grendel's Pax Psychosis and Don't Tame Your Soul.

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