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The Young Vampire and the Young Werewolf

October 31, 2009
By Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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The dark veil of the night covers the wrinkles on the skin of the mother earth’s face. The silence of the night was shattered like glass by the howls of the wolves unlike any other. Wolves who stand like humans and even speak their strange language. Wolves that can transform their appearance into humans, walking, talking in their language and eating among them. They call themselves the warriors of the night, the lost children of the silver light, beast who wear the human costumes and speak their tongue but, through out history they were called “werewolves”, half human half wolf. Dashing out of the darkness, grey figures on all fours, clawing at the earth’s skin with silver fangs extended out, sharp as sword of which knights carry. Their crimson eyes shine through the darkness to the light the way to their prey, a vampire youth. The vampire was a young princess to the royal family, she hated them but, her fears filled her eyes begging herself to call out towards the family of vampires, drinkers of the blood or the dark children of the silver light up above. Dashing for her life in the darkness with waterfalls roaring down her rosy white cheeks, with her perfect voice she begs for help and forgiveness towards these warriors of the night. The coldness of the wind, the silent company of everything breathing, devours the small perfect figure of her body so all she could feel is her fears and numbness. Her ember red cloth cover her eyes and back of her figure also covering her silver white hair of the moon for the horrors that chased her out of her kingdom. Her diamond eyes filled with darkness somehow light her way through the living forest of the mother who bring goodness and punishments to all who find shelter upon her skin and body. Her small legs scream and beg her to stop the endless run of horrors but, she knew deep in her heart that if she does then, she will suffer her cruel fate at the hands of the beast who long to taste the pure fresh meat once more. Suddenly, she could see a narrow gate that blocks an old rundown mine. An idea shot up like a bullet in her head; maybe just maybe she could break the gate and be free from the horror that awaits her. The steel gate was not silver as the moon but a rusty brown showing how weak and old the steel was over time. Quickly, she clawed at the steel just enough so that only she could enter but, deep inside the rundown mine, there was another waiting for the young vampire covered in dark cloth of the night. The girl had fallen onto her back and seeing the beasts claw their way in, growling and baring their silver swords from their dark mouths. She climbed onto her feet and dashed into the darkness, still holding the last drop of hope she has. Running until her legs finally broke and fill with empty energy, she rested on the cold freezing ground tired and burning with thirst for the crimson liquid that gives everything life. All she could see is the dark blanket that covers everything along with the strange silence, not even the wind was playing his usual tricks. Her nose suddenly smelled the liquid, the pure red tasting liquid that she always feed upon. Slowly, a moaning noise came and it was close to her, very close she could tell, a male wounded badly, almost lifeless. Crawling on her stomach, she reached the poor male laying in a pool of the crimson liquid, still cling to his life. He was an African American dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt stained with blood all over. But as she got closer, she could see a grey tail just like the others. She froze in fear as he moved his head, opening his eyes to see what was here with him. His eyes widen knowing full well that the young pale white girl was a vampire. Memories of when he was young, the elder wolves warn them that vampires were cold-hearted killers and should never ever trust such a creature. The girl was taught the opposite from the elder vampires, that the wolves were cold-hearted killers and that they should never speak to them for their own safety. As if they were one being, they thought “How can this creature be scared!? This thing is a cold-hearted killer out for blood! I have to get away quick before it attacks!” With little strength, the boy slowly and painfully moved away, trying to get as far away from her as possible. The girl, burning with thirst collapsed onto the freezing ground again, crying from pain and from the fears she witness from the night. The boy looked over his bleeding shoulder, shocked by what he saw; she wasn’t a killer but, just a girl in pain beyond limits. Confused on what he should do, the boy just lay there watching her as if he was watching a mere horror movie, waiting for the killer to show up and end her suffering. Suddenly, in her perfect voice she begged “Help me! Please! I will do anything, just help me!!” she reached out for the boy with her small pale white fingers slowly falling back down, losing her strength to hold on to her pure light. He shivered at the idea of letting a vampire sink her fangs into his neck so she could leave him to suffer his fate. But, before he could say no she continued “Please….I won’t take much. If I do….I’ll let you drink from me, I won’t lose a lot if you do. So, we can both survive no matter what! I swear please!” She looked so depress and so innocent that she could look like any human girl, begging to be saved by any creature. She turned away thinking that this boy would reject the offer and let them both die at the hands of their wounds. The boy was silent for a very long time, thinking on the offer given. In his mind was a battlefield of thoughts “Should I trust her? She’s a vampire yet, she begs for blood instead of just taking it. Doesn’t she see how I’m wounded? Maybe she’s playing tricks with my mind!?” As if his thoughts were screaming out loud, she quickly covered her ears trying to ignore them before her ears pop. The boy finally gives in and places his arm on her lips softly letting the blood drip into her perfect mouth. He slowly closed his eyes as he felt the two silver swords of her mouth stabbing his arm. Within seconds to the girl, she was done with a bloody lipstick on her lips. The boy looked up at her only to see her hand bleeding on top of his open mouth as some of her crimson liquid drips into his small dark-filled mouth. Without both of them knowing, the young princess had created a new kind unlike anything. The boy, the young werewolf was turned into a creature both wolf, vampire and strangely still human. Without a chance to think, the boy had the girl’s arm into a tight grip, not letting go while sinking both his claws and his own swords into her surprising warm skin which didn’t look pale as before. His eyes were about to pop but, they didn’t expect for the fact that they were turning dark as the night sky. All was silent in the mine expect for the tiny drips of water and blood ringing through out this cave. Suddenly everything went blank, everything from the mine to the night sky just disappears into forever darkness, not a single light or being was there. There was only darkness covering everything in its arms, embracing anything it touches. The foreseers of everything stop the story and look at the young new breed of creatures. One stood with open arms saying “During the war, between the drinkers of the blood and the warriors of the silver light were madden by the young girl. She had done something beyond reasoning so both creatures called it truths to decide her fate. They found out that she and her servant or friend was hiding in the woods!” He stopped, letting a tear run down his brown cheek. But, he continued “Both fought but, were captured and sealed into stone coffins. When they trailed the boy, they set him free but, as for the girl…….her sentenced was death without mercy.” He stopped yet again and stared at the young ones crying for her. “After her death, other vampires and werewolves seek out the boy to ask him ‘How did you let her do such a thing!?’ But, as soon after those creatures heard his answer……they stopped fighting and were convinced that the war will stop or else.” A young werewolf raised his hand and asked “How did you know……about everything? There was only the girl and the boy, that’s it.” the foreseer laughed and pulled back his hood that hides his face “I know because…..she created the new me…..more powerful than any creature that ever lived.” There he was, the African American boy who was created by the girl into a werewolf, vampire and still human. Now, he travels the great mother earth, telling his tale of the young girl who saved not only his life but, the whole world from what seemed to be an endless war between werewolves and vampires.

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on Jan. 29 2010 at 1:31 pm
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
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Awesome job! I enjoyed this story very's just the grammar that need just a little bit of work. But keep writing because you're really good at it!

P.S.: See you at school Stacy!!! :)

on Dec. 3 2009 at 4:52 pm
Arluanna PLATINUM, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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-Phil, the youngest Kalins Uzin

I love the story, but it was a bit hard to follow in transition from being in the story to the storyteller. Grammer needs a bit of work, but the idea is amazing!

on Nov. 29 2009 at 10:03 pm
Very good Story. You have allot of talent. Very artistic and uses good emotions between those characters. Thought provoking. Though it needs some grammar work as far as separating ideas and paragraphs, its a very good read. Excellent work.