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Beginning of my book; Blackbyrd

October 12, 2009

Chapter 1: Uncovered

I stood over his dead body, blood dripping from my mouth, and staining my hands... I retracted my claws, and folded my midnight black and scarlet wings close around my body, hoping to conceal myself.... but it was too late. I heard the crowd screaming around me, a chaotic frenzy, stampeding over each other, as they hurried for the nearest exit. Anything to get away from me, the monster in the shadows. Hell, to them, creatures such as I only existed in the darkest, most vile corners of the imagination. Their worst fears wrapped up into one powerful being, of whom now stood before them. They wouldn't know what to call me. Vampire might be one term, but I hold many more secrets then that. I am not as I seem... I am not as I appear to be. Yes, there are the stereotypical fangs and blood lust that you see in a Vampire. I am allergic to silver, and the sun hurts my eyes at times... but it won't kill me. Vampire. Thats all they see? What of my wings? The blazing red fire that licks the wind as I fly over the surface of the earth... this need to protect. And what of these memories? I have memories that indeed are not mine. I did not live them. But I know, in some twisted, ironic way, they are related to me and contribute to my entire existence. I know there is more to me... every inch of me knows, I am more then just a vampire.

I heard sirens approaching, they were only a few blocks away from what I could tell. I couldn't let them take me. I'd become the psychotic center of experiments and exploratory surgeries, a phenomenon... they would discover the usefulness of my blood and tears; Their curing qualities. They would take away my wings (an undying fire, that never has to be fed by any type of fuel would be useful for human beings), they would discover my extended pattern of life and try to duplicate it on other creatures, starting with mice, rabbits, monkeys, and eventually... when they perfect it; human beings themselves. But, most of all they would discover my existence as a whole... they would search for others like me, and when they found them, they would kill them. Anything different to a human being is considered a threat. Any object that challenges the way they know the world is eliminated as quickly as it is I ran... I flew. I flew far and quick to the furthest corner of the earth I could find. I went underground and hid in the darkness, alone. Coming up to hunt only as often as absolutely needed for me to stay alive, to keep breathing.

The author's comments:
I want to create a story of a hybrid being. Phoenix/Vampire to in a way, over exaggerate an existing human problem... the difference between right and wrong... good vs. evil. The decision between eternal life (phoenix) and eternal death (vampire). However it isnt all in black and white, there are going to be quite a few surprises

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