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My great sacrifice

October 17, 2009
By jake20 GOLD, Dayton, Ohio
jake20 GOLD, Dayton, Ohio
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This was it, the day it seemed I had been waiting for my whole life, but I had actually been waiting only a little more than a week. As I walked out into the stadium, that reminded me of something the gladiators would have fought in, I looked up into the stands. There I saw my trainer, she had trained me for the past week in how to fight and use the superhuman abilities I had as a vampire. I also saw my father who looked disapprovingly down at me for all the choices I had made to get me down here. Then I saw Katia and I smiled. At least being down here had a purpose, and I was saving someone from having to suffer this tragic fate.
I looked around me and I saw the members of the 8 other vampire tribes around me. Each of the tribes sent one of their warriors down to fight for the right to posses the new territory known to the humans as the New World. Only 3 of contestants really seemed like threats, the woman with startling blue eyes and blonde hair, the big black man that seemed to be mad at everyone else here, and a young tan man with night black hair and a cocky grin. The others seemed nervous and we clearly not volunteers like the others and I were, except the others were great fighters and I was here to save a poor unlucky girl whose parents hadn’t been acting favorably toward the current chief leaders.
I looked up and heard a man speaking in Varnak, the common language agreed to be spoken by all the tribes, “This battle of the vampire tribes may now begin!” Someone next to the man speaking gave a high pitched shriek to symbolize that the battle could begin. Within the first few seconds 3 of the contestants had been killed. The large man with the night black skin bolted toward me. He sent a punch aimed for my head hit against the side of the stadium sending a crack running through it.
I was able to jump onto his back and whisper a quick incantation into his ear. He landed face first against the ground and his face started turning redder and redder. He started gasping for air that seemed to escape him, but I didn’t have time to see if my spell took total effect because another of the contestants was running toward me.

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