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Tuesday's Travel

October 9, 2009
By Deverie♥ SILVER, Carthage, Illinois
Deverie♥ SILVER, Carthage, Illinois
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It was a typical Tuesday, the second day of school for Deverie and Kacie. Nothing too crazy happened. That was, until, the girls got on the bus headed for Nauvoo. Nauvoo is just a little town that the school belongs to. It’s also where Kacie lives. And it’s also where the “magic” happened…

“What’s wrong with your eyes, Kacie?” asked Deverie. She was worried when she noticed Kacie’s hazel eyes started to turn a beautiful purple color. “They are turning dark purple, dude!”

“Uhh get real Dev. You’re real funny. C’mon, you can crack a better joke than that!” Kacie jokingly replied. At that instant Deverie pulled a mirror out of her Kurt Cobain bag and handed it to Kacie. Kacie screamed. They were curious about what was going on. When Kacie handed the mirror back to her friend, Kacie noticed that she had forgotten her Art assignment in her locker. It was due tomorrow. Kacie and Deverie never wanted to upset Mrs. French, so they would just call Kacie’s mom and have her take them to the school.

That’s when they least expected to wind up back in their desks at school. Clearly the girls were just standing on the sidewalk. In an instant, they were in the art room looking at Mrs. French. The girls were surprised. “What the heck was that?!” Deverie whispered to Kacie.

Kacie looked over to the clock and realized it was around lunch time, not 3:00. “I may be crazy, but I think we just traveled through time…is that why my eyes turned purple? It’s like they knew this would happen…” Kacie was shocked.

Deverie walked up to the art teacher’s desk. “Mrs. French, can Kacie and I go to our lockers?” Mrs. French didn’t reply. Kacie watched from across the room. A little louder, Deverie said, “Mrs. French? Can I go to my locker to get something?” Mrs. French stood up. But to the girls’ amazement, she walked right through Deverie!

Kacie’s face turned white. When she looked over at Deverie’s desk to grab her passbook, Deverie was sitting there. But wait…Deverie is at Mrs. French’s desk! Kacie stood up, looked at her seat and saw herself sitting there. “Deverie, you’re right! We traveled time! How’d my eyes get like that?!” Kacie exclaimed. Thinking the rest of the room would hear her, Kacie was surprised when they didn’t.

“They can’t hear a word we say…” Deverie said. “Let’s go get your assignment.”

The bell rang through the halls of Nauvoo-Colusa Jr. High. The girls found themselves getting walked through as their classmates hurried to their next class. They were scared at first, but soon the girls found it humorous to watch themselves walk through the hallways with their friends. Laughing at jokes they had said previously that day. When they made their way to Kacie’s locker, they were shocked again. Kacie opened her locker and got her papers. As soon as she took hold of the crisp white drawing paper, they were standing on the street in Nauvoo.

“This is just crazy!” said Kacie.

Deverie just started to laugh. “Maybe it was the hotdogs for lunch today.” Kacie laughed at Deverie’s joke and agreed. Deverie noticed Kacie’s eyes went back to her normal eye color. So Deverie told Kacie about it.

“I do really dig that purple though…” said Kacie, “we should always eat school hotdogs… I just wonder how it happened to me!” Deverie and Kacie laughed.

Walking home to Kacie’s they saw Kelsey. Kelsey just thought the girls were crazy. “What do purple pigmented eyes have to do with time travel?” Kelsey asked. But when she got her mirror out to check her eye makeup, she noticed her eyes, were slightly changing…to a hazy purple color…

The author's comments:
I'm in a creative writing class. She asked us to write about time travel. Way to be a weirdo right? :)

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