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Simplicity is Never Reality

September 28, 2009
By heretic-half-breed SILVER, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
heretic-half-breed SILVER, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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live, laugh, love.

do not lie cheat or drink. but if u must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love, if you must cheat, cheat death, and if you must drink, drink to those moments that take ur breath away.

to be or not to be, that is the question

I eagerly sprint to the park where my ex-girlfriend and I use to meet, a place that fills my heart with precious memories. Those were days when my life was filled only with love, and I had not a single care in the world. My pulse quickens as I see her standing there. We run towards each other and suddenly are locked together in a comforting embrace, showering each other with steamy warm kisses. my mind started to go blank and my heart raced faster than a hawk could dive for its prey. we stopped and looked deep into each others eyes unblinkingly but something was off. her eyes weren't the green-yellow they usually were but a dark crimson red and her teeth seemed to be getting sharper.

Clouds started to roll in and everything turned into black and white, all but her eyes, her beautiful, terrifying eyes. she hugs me tightly and bends me back. her teeth run slowly and softly up and down my neck as i feel her warm sweet breath wash over me and make me forget all my senses. i push her head softly to my neck as she bites deeply and aggressively, drinking my blood. as i get weaker and my heart slows i feel her getting stronger. she releases me when she had her fill and i could feel my neck and chest burning like someone was holding me against a panel of freshly heated iron. my head begins to ache and i just wish the pain would end. i black out as my whole body burns up.

i wake up and Natalie is watching over me like an angel. i look away then i go back for a double take, she is floating ten feet above the ground. her eyes, now the green-yellow they used to be, i readily forgot the pain i felt earlier and thanked my angel for loving me enough to make me like her forever. she asked me if i was thirsty and then even though it went unnoticed before she said it my throat began to feel as dry as paper in a desert fire. my throat was burning, burning up. i cried out and clawed savagely at my constricting airways trying to breath wandering what the heck it was that she had done to me.

she grabs my hands and pulls them down and whispers into my ear caringly "if you are thirsty my love you may go get a drink.....come with me, i will teach you to hunt".

i look into her bloody irises and i find myself trusting her on no other grounds than the fact that she is my love and i trust her with my life. i wonder to myself as i run behind her faster than a stealth aircraft "what has become of me, i feel as if i am an animal, a destructive force rearing to be released". she slows to a walk and i almost run into her and i would have if it weren't for my newly acquired talents. she pulls me down to the ground with a force that would have killed a human, maybe even an elephant, i do not know.

she whispers at me angrily "you fool, you almost scared away lunch". i look at her incredulous wondering what the heck she was talking about as i look around for what she meant by "lunch".

i look through the woods and all i see are these three teens from the vo-tech, people she and i both know. i looked back at her questioningly with cold sweat starting to perspire on my face as i start to fear her answer. she looks at me with sad eyes and my question is answered. without a single word spoken i just found out, in order to take away my pain I'd have to feed on others and inflict pain on others. i looked at her pleadingly and asked her if there was any other way. she just looked away and started to release waterfalls from her eyes. i wrapped my arms around her and shushed her lovingly and softly just wishing i had not done anything to upset her, my love, my vampire bride. when she is done crying and we are both standing we begin to stalk our prey.
we slowly and quietly tip-toe after the students, each moment my thirst growing and growing. She stops me and looks incredulously into my eyes. my eyes are jet black, no other colors. she tells me it means i am getting weak with thirst. she makes the first move, i hear screams of terror and then two mind boggling crunches as her fists collide with there skulls and in turn their skulls with each other. she leaves the last kill for me and i go in for it. i move so fast.... the man doesn't even have time to scream.... his neck snaps and i flinch but i am overtaken.... overtaken by thirst. Before i can start to feed two huge wolf-men come out of the darkness. one grabs me in a sleeper hold tighter than tight, the other grabs Natalia and starts to slap her, punch her, hurt her. i cry out in agony from watching and anger from not being able to help. the wolf-man knocks her to the ground and i erupt in firing fury. i knock out the man holding me. then the one holding her in his dirty, hairy hands. i hold her tight in my arms, as i try to stop the bleeding, but after awhile i come to realize it is no use.

I'm not giving up though. i cant give up. without her there is no reason to go on. everything will be nothing if she dies. i love her. i drop to my knees and hold her tight in my arms hoping for a miracle. all of a sudden the trees seem to come to life, but no. as i continue to look around me i find it is an arms of wolf-men. i quiver with fear and anger. yes, i injured their brethren, but at least their brethren can walk away. i fear that my Natalia can not. they dive in to attack her first... the injured one.... the one i love. i erupt in a volcano of unknown, unscaled rage as i move through the army of werewolves so fast it is almost as if they are not moving, and hitting every piece of hard, hairy, smelly flesh i could reach out to. before i know it the army is just a small band of soldiers with no leader. they are like children with anger issues.

"they scare like children too" i think to myself as they run with their tails between their legs. i drop to my knees and turn around as i remember why i fought those beasts and i run over to Natalia and bend down hovering over her still body. i hold her to me, she is even colder than i. tears of red pour down my eyes and fall onto her beautiful face....she is dead.

i wake up screaming for her at the top of my lungs. my cousin comes plowing into the room asking me whats wrong. i reply to her nothing over and over as she keeps insisting that i tell her why i screamed like a frightened little child. i just lay in my bed quietly, relaxed. i think one last thought before i go back to sleep. "Natalia... i love you"

The author's comments:
i just needed to write about the girl i loved one last time after she broke my heart.

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on Nov. 14 2009 at 7:59 pm
dragonfan SILVER, Arcidia, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Death truly makes an artist"

wow this is amazing it so realistic. I loved it!

Rainy said...
on Oct. 28 2009 at 4:13 pm
Wow I really like this story. I love how it was soo real to him then in the end it was just a dream well nightmare. Good Job Heretic half-breed I hope you post more stories like this :)

on Oct. 27 2009 at 7:59 am
the ending was supposed to be the person the story was about waking up from his dream that became a nightmare.

on Oct. 27 2009 at 7:51 am
Warren_Uzumaki DIAMOND, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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they say the mind bends and twists to deal with the horrors of life...
...some times the mind bends so much it snaps in two.

Love at first sight wastes less time

nice story mike very creepy

on Oct. 13 2009 at 8:57 pm
arElana PLATINUM, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
24 articles 0 photos 94 comments
i dont get the ending