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Samantha Grace

July 9, 2009
By LaurenAshleyBelle SILVER, Houston, Texas
LaurenAshleyBelle SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Samantha Grace was a cat, but, not just any cat. Samantha was not only talented, but very beautiful. She had soft white fur; which she brushed every single morning and night, and beautiful blue eyes.

Everywhere she went she was asked, “You have very pretty eyes, where in the world did you get them?”
She would always reply, saying, “Thank you, Jesus gave them to me.”

Samantha went everywhere with her great grandmother, who she called Meme. Meme would always brag about Samantha Grace, saying, “This here’s my great-grand.”
Samantha would always have a sparkling smile on her face when Meme said that.

At Meme’s house, there was, of course, her great grandfather, whom Samantha Grace called Pappy. Pappy would always sit down in his big comfy chair and sit Samantha down on his lap. Sometimes they would read a book or watch the hummingbirds.

Samantha’s favorite thing to do with Meme was bake an angel food cake. But, most of all, Samantha loved to watch the sun set over the cotton fields.

One day, after coming inside, Samantha Grace decided to play in Meme’s jewelry box. She picked up ring after ring; carefully putting back each one exactly where it belonged.

Then, as Samantha Grace was pulling out a beautiful diamond bracelet, the bracelet suddenly went “Pop!” and little diamonds flew in every direction, scattering all over the floor. Samantha Grace did not know what to do. She could not decide whether to confess to Meme that she broke the bracelet, or if she should just pretend that it never happened.

Days passed, and Samantha forgot all about the bracelet herself! That is, until one day, while she and Meme were cleaning the room, Meme picked up a glittering object from the floor. Holding it up to the light, she said, “Well! I declare, look at this diamond! Isn’t it pretty, Samantha Grace?”
Samantha Grace looked up at Meme, her eyes wide, and said, “Yes ma’am, it is very pretty.”
Meme shook her head in wonder, saying to herself, “Where in the world did it come from?” She was not expecting an answer from Samantha Grace, because why in the world would Samantha know where it had come from?

But, Samantha knew exactly what she had to do. Looking up at Meme with tears in her eyes, Samantha Grace said, “I know where it came from.”
Meme looked at Samantha, her eyes wide, and she said, “You do?”
“Yes ma’am,” Samantha Grace replied, and she burst into tears, and said, “I didn’t mean to, I promise! I was just looking, like I always do…” she couldn’t finish.
Meme hugged Samantha and said, “It was my bracelet, wasn’t it?” Samantha nodded.

Meme embraced Samantha Grace in a big hug, saying, “Sweetie, it’s okay, don’t cry, it was an accident, and accidents happen all the time. But next time something like that happens, please tell me right away, okay sweetheart?”
Samantha looked at Meme, and said “Yes, Meme.”

Meme smiled and said, “How would you like some angel food cake?”
Samantha’s face lit up, and said, “That sounds wonderful!”

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this story came from my great grandparents, whom I call Meme and Pappy. When I was little I wanted my name to be Samantha Grace, and so my Meme and Pappy call me Samantha Grace. Meme and I always made angel food cakes when I was little, and sometimes still do. So I would like to dedicate this story to my amazing great grandparents.

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LaurenAshleyBelle SILVER, Houston, Texas
6 articles 0 photos 7 comments

Favorite Quote:
"There is no such thing as failure, only delayed sucess." - Henry Ford

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