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Fractured Fairytale

May 24, 2023
By Anonymous

Once upon a time in New Orleans there was a little girl named Tiana, she lived with her Dad and Mom in a small town. Everyday Tiana lives with a big goal in her mind, that is to open a restaurant with her dad once she gets older. Sadly her dad passed before they could do so, that motivated her to work even harder to open up the restaurant. Since her food is the biggest memory she has of her dad and making his dream come true would be amazing. She just wants to make her dad proud and her mom too.

Since then she grew up to be a hardworking lady, she buried herself in working at multiple restaurants at the same time to save up for the restaurant. Finally that day is here,

“Oh Tiana, you don’t understand, it’s the prince of Maldonia.” Charlotte said with her cute squeaky voice.

“That’s right and I invited him to our masquerade ball tonight.” Bufford said, stuffing his mouth with beignets.

“That must be wonderful Lottie, and you know my mama always says the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.” Tiana said, handing out plates of food.

“Oh my, that’s it!!” Charlotte jumped up, “Tia we’ll need about 500 of your men catching beignets for my ball tonight.”

“Wha-” Tiana said before a stash of cash was shoved at her.

“This should be enough right?!?!” Charlotte said, jumping up and down.

“Yes, oh my! This is more than enough!! I can finally get my restaurants!!!” Tiana said squealing.

Tiana rushed over to the Mr.Fenner and Mr.Fenner real estate agent immediately after work. Heart pumping out of her chest, she can’t believe she’s able to finally buy the old windmill that her dad and her always goes on and on about to her mom.

“I’ll even sign the paper tonight at the masquerade ball for y’all!!” Tiana yells out as Mr.Fenner and Mr.Fenner drive away.

“You’re a tough one Tiana!!” They yelled back.

She stared at the windmill with warm hearts and the loving thought of her dad looking at her proudly. Her thoughts were interrupted when suddenly,

“Table for one please.” A voice said softly.

“Mom…” Tiana said with a soft smile.

“Sweetheart, you’ve done so well, your old man is happy.” She said, pulling Tiana into a big hug.

They walked together into the windmill, but no one knew on the other side of town the voodoo man was pulling tricks. He was able to trick the selfish and high ego prince into giving up his blood which led him to transform into a frog. The pendant filled with the prince's blood was able to transform his old servant into another prince Naveen.

That same night at the ball, people were loving Tiana beignet and the ball, except for beautiful Charlotte.

“Why is the prince still not here?!?!? The ball started hours ago?!?!? Is he ditching me??” Charlotte freaks out to Tiana.

“I bet he got stuck up with something, but hey there are many fellas lining up just for a dance with you Lotie.” Tiana said, serving a hot beignet to Charlotte.

“But is the prince Tia, no once can match up to that, his beautiful smile and flowy hair. Who could resist” Charlotte said with heart flowing around her head.

“Whatever you say Lottie, I’ll just be here with these beignets.” Tiana said, rolling her eyes.

“PRINCE NAVEEN OF MALDONIA.” The announcer yelled out.

Tiana and Charlotte looked at each other and Charlotte started fixing herself up. Seeing Charlotte walking up to the prince, Tiana noticed Mr.Fenner and Mr.Fenner,

“Hey, Mr.Fenners!! Mr.Fenners! I have signed the paper for y’all!” Tiana said excitedly.

“Oh! We forgot to tell you, but you got outbid by a fella. So if you can;t outbid him by this Wednesday or you’ll lose the place” Mr.Henry Fenner said while stuffing his face with beignets.

Tiana's face dropped and so did her heart, she can hear ringing in her ears, “What do you mean by that??I-I don;t understand.” She said, “I just saw y’all this morning! How can such things happen so fast?”

“You hear me loud and clear Ms. Things can’t be changed unless you get the cash.” Mr.Henry Fenner said as they walked away.

Tiana doesn’t know what to do anymore, she feels heavy and breathless,

“That’s in 5 days…I can’t. Daddy please forgive me. I put away my years of life for this moment to collapse on us. I’m so sorry.” She thought to herself.

She packed up her beignet station and went home for the night. The next day she pulled out the money from the real estate agents and gave up.

The author's comments:

This is a twist on the the tale of Princess and the Frog.

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