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A Break In Space

May 19, 2023
By Mono BRONZE, Swartz Creek, Michigan
Mono BRONZE, Swartz Creek, Michigan
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“Welcome to the Depths!” the sign read. I don’t know what it means, I’m trying to find the crystal caverns, and the depths are in a whole different country. Iwalk back and see a sign that reads “To the Crystal Caverns” I get confused. What’s going on? When I enter the cave the sign says depths but outside or the cave, if I look in it it says crystal caverns. I don’t understand. I look more carefully and notice that the environment is changing when I enter too. When I’m outside there is an aura and when I enter there is nothing but torchlight. I’ve figured it out but I want to see if you can. I throw a rock down into the cave and it disappears. And when I walk in I find the rock. I know what’s going on, but how and why is it happening now? It wasn’t supposed to happen for another couple hundred years. Space is distorting and making things happen like this gateway I found that leads to another country all together. I go to a bar and call my boss. He gets worried and says to record it and make sure I come back. So I do and when I get to my jobs building, my boss rushes me into his room so I can show him the video. He gets worried very fast. He goes over intercom and demands all hands on deck so we can get off this planet. We can only hope this isn’t happening anywhere else. Little do we know that the other planets are gone and there are nothing but stars and moons left.

The author's comments:

I made this because I felt that it might be very interesting for some people. 

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