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The Bravery of a Warrior

May 16, 2023
By CassidyW131313 BRONZE, St. Joseph, Michigan
CassidyW131313 BRONZE, St. Joseph, Michigan
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Faye, A well known knight has devoted her life to help the innocent. Defeating every monster that has intruded her town, she has become a legend. She finds herself in a fight with the monster that has been terrorizing villages. She is a great distance away from her homeland, her hope is to return soon and see her family again.

The monster, bloodied and bruised, cried out in agony

as Faye slashed through its scaly throat.

“No more shall you threaten to harm my people,” She cried out.

The light finally vanished from the monster's once gigantic green glowing eyes. 

Faye, swift-footed, galloped to the opposite side of the monster's lair,

sprinting out of the opening. 

The tunic Faye wore, white as snow clung to her body, 

turning a deep red.

Her hand sprung to her side, 

trying to stop the river of blood pouring out of her torso.

As her hand reached her side, she let out a screech,

scaring the noble steed that accompanied her.

She watched, eyes wide, as it fled the scene.

Her body became colder with every second she stood there,

the blood cascaded down from her torso,

through the fingers at her side.

It dripped slowly and silently onto the grass.

Leaning on a tree, she desperately tried to regain her balance,

but no matter how hard she tried,

 the world ended up going black and she fell to the ground.

Faye awoke three days later, alone, in a dimly lit room.

Jolting the upper part of her body out of bed, she looked around,

whipping her head from side to side.

She took in her surroundings.

Walls plastered with drawings and notebook papers,

looked like the ramblings of a botanist.

Chamomile can be used to reduce inflammation or swelling.

Is there anything I can clean a wound with maybe.

She jumped, pushing herself against the back of the bed

as she saw someone sitting next to her on a stool.

“Who are you?”

“Sorry to have startled you, I’m Mergon, Dr. Mergon.

I found you on the forest floor and I thought I could be of assistance.

My hometown on Evandorf is forever in debt to you

as you have slaughtered the beast that has loomed over our heads.

For centuries we have heard of the great Faye, traveling about,

saving many villages.

I never thought I would see her in the flesh.

It’s an honor Ms. Faye.

If there is anything else I can assist you with, do not be afraid to ask.”

“I thank you for rescuing me, and please just Faye is fine Dr.

However I’m afraid I've lost my way while hunting down this monster,

is there any way you can help me return to my homeland?”

Dr. Mergon stood up, walking over to a dark green desk

littered with books, papers, pens, and spilled ink.

He scooped up a few yellow crinkled papers,

handing them to Faye.

“Maybe one of these maps will be familiar to you.”

Faye's eyes lit up like a bright flame at the sight of the maps,

she was determined to return home,

helping as many people as possible.

“Thank you. Thank you so much for your help,

I must get going now.”

“Have a safe trip.”

The doctor helped Faye out of the bed,

Gasping, her feet hit the bare concrete,

cold and wet as she was guided gently to the door.

Closing the door to the parlor,

the hair on the back of her neck stood straight up.

She was a cat ready to attack any predator,

Examining her surroundings, she found nothing.

As she continued her journey she stayed alert,

constantly looking around, weapon in hand.


Looking around, Faye began to panic.

She had followed the map to the best of her abilities,

yet it wasn’t enough to suffice.

The map had become scratched, ripped, almost unreadable.

Suddenly a small but potentially deadly creature spawned in front of her.

Quickly, she unsheathed her sword and slashed it’s throat.

Faye doubled over in pain,

her hand flew to her side,

hoping the pressure would soothe the pain.

She could feel the bumps and dampness from her fresh wound.

Skin split open, inflamed, swollen, burning.

The touch of her hand felt the ripples of skin.

It didn’t heal properly.

Her face, suddenly pale,

mimicking the hue of fresh fallen snow.

Her forehead was slick,

like waking up with a fever,

you can’t tell if you’re hot or cold.

A flash of her childhood memories played through her head,

a familiar tune.

A faint smile fell upon her cracked lips.

I must get home to my people.


Her life was filled with strife.

Things began to settle down when she met her mentor.

She was filled with wisdom,

always telling of her great triumphs,

never leaving out the failures.

“Faye, you must never give up.

Your people will need you when my time has expired.

Many years ago my great grandmother,

she foresaw a prophecy.

A great young warrior will arise,

she will be dedicated and brave.

She will defeat every monster,

slay every dragon,

and help her people.”


While the distant memory played in her head,

she hadn’t realized her body had met the ground.

Her left arm,

now exposed from the fight,

felt every blade of cool grass as she lay on the ground.

Her hand mimicked the ebb and flow of waves,

caressing the bright green grass.

She felt complete,

she had endlessly served her people,

saved them, and kept them safe.

Family, friends, her village,

she knew they would all be proud of her.

Instead of mourning her death,

they would celebrate the life she led.

Filled with bravery and dedication.

She sucked in a breath of air,

knowing it would be her last.

Faye’s limp body lay in the silk grass,

surrounded by wildflowers.

Bright blues, pinks, and purples,

all bursting with color.

A fitting end for a brave warrior.

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