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The way the paint feels

September 1, 2022
By AeshaDraws SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
AeshaDraws SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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Rain was pouring on a Saturday perfect I looked outside and watched each drop 1,2,3 I counted “ why don't you paint you haven't painted in a while “ my mom said. It's not like a forgot about my clay, paint, and canvas it's just I haven't painted ever since dad died when I was 10. we use to paint together he was an artist and I wanted to be like him. I went to the attic to see all my paint supplies in the same place where I left them. It hurt seeing it remembering the sun shinnying threw the attic window and my dad smiling. I took a breath and went into the closet and took out a canvas. I forgot what it felt like to paint not caring what I painted just as long all my feeling came out. I got my paints ready, the rain sound making the claim song to my ears. As a started to paint I felt present, a warm present like the one I felt with my dad. I put on a pink line and I was off, my imagination was on a sugar rush as I put color after color smoothly like a dolphin swaying with the waves. I took a step back and saw my creation so far it was a pink cat with a big hat and glasses wearing a fancy suit. I smiled but as I grabbed more paint the painting started to glow and shine. I looked at it amazingly I put my hand out to touch it and then it made a wave and felt like water. the Cat became REAL and grabbed my hand as he took me into a world filled with crazy things you wouldn't believe. Everything was upside down and fish was flying as birds swum in a pond of pink. A whale that was bigger than earth flying in the stars. I flew up to it with one touch it turned into millions of butterflies.They picked me up and take me around the galaxy, we raced with shooting stars and drank the milk from the milky way, it taste like strawberries. The butterflies took me down into the ocean, I swam around to see the birds swimming, and then a saw a tiger shark cub not a tiger shark but a tiger plus a shark it had the basic body of the tiger and had fins on its head and back. The cub swam around me and showed me amazing this like rocks that were soft and squishy and trees growing in the ocean! I didn't want it to stop I wanted to live here in this place where I can feel my dad. The tiger cub took me to land in a field of super tall flowers and a dragon plus file it was as small as real dragonflies but a real dragon and they were different colors pink, blue, and green. The sun was also set never morning nor night. In the middle of the field of a figure of a man “ dad?” I said trying to see who it was. the man turned around wearing a blue shirt and brown pants I started to cry “ DAD!” I said happy and ran to him and hugged him so tight . “it's you .... you” I said looking up with tears. He still had the same warm smile keeping it even when he was sick. “I miss you, “I said and I kept hugging him.He hugged me back “I missed you too, “ he said, I couldn't help the tears of joy as I held him tight “ You have to let me go, “ he said. I looked up “ no I can't lose you again, “I said crying wanting to stay “ ill always be with your kiddo, even when you think I'm gone ….. I'm not, “ he said smiling “ But … I need you, “I said. He smiled at me and wiped my tears as he grabbed my hands. All of a sudden the whole world around us disappeared as we floated holding each other hands. Flower came out of nowhere and take me and my dad on a roller coaster around the world we made together going past the pink ocean, and flying fish, the star whale. The flower started moving in a circle like a tornado as I spend around and around and then when I touched the ground everything was black again “ dad where are you “I yelled and he came from behind me “ DAD!” I said happily “you're ready, “ he said, “ what? No no, I'm, not I need you …. I can stay here with you, “I said “ I'm in you … I´m in your paintings every time you paint that's me … you'll never be alone … ill be here “ he said and I cried and gave him one more hug “I love you dad “I said and he hugged me back. I took a breath in and out calmly and said “ I'm ready “ . when I open my eyes I was back home and my painting was done. It was my dad in multiple colors and different styles. “I know you're here with me, “I said as the rain stopped and the sun came threw “warm,” I said . “ honey the rain stop you can come down if you want, “ my mom said “ no thx I wanna paint some more “I yelled. I grab my brush and smiled

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After losing her father to cancer a girl finds herself lost and broken not wanting to let go until she find her father's art supplies on a rainy day.

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